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Have You Tried The Best Sushi on the South Hill?

J.R. Heimbigner

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A friend once told me you should never eat sushi more than 100 miles into land. And because of this advice, I had gone years without eating sushi. Yet, moving to Spokane from Portland four years ago, I deeply missed sushi with my wife.

So, we finally started branching out. Watching the Yelp reviews and then finally got up the courage to try some new places. Finally, after driving by this place multiple times in the last four years, we decided to go for it.

We finally stopped at Izumi Sushi and Asian Bistro on the South Hill. And this turned out to be a great decision.

Izumi Sushi and Asian Bistro

My wife had been there once before me, but we finally checked it out and were pleasantly surprised. We got sushi and peppered beef. We walked away, so satisfied that we would be going back again. Coming to Izumi Sushi and Asian Bistro was well worth it.

Today, I wanted to share some details on this place and suggest it to you for your next night out, and if you are looking for sushi, you won't have to look too far.

Hours of Operation

They are open Monday through Thursday, 11:00 am to 9:00 pm. Then Friday from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm, Saturday from 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm, and Sunday from 12:00 pm to 9:00 pm. So, they are open at different times, but every day of the week.


Their menu has a long list of sushi options, bento boxes, and traditional plate dinners. Everything on the menu looked great, and from looking around, people were eating many different things on the menu.


Izumi Sushi and Asian Bistro is located on the South Hill in Spokane, Washington, just off of Regal. The parking lot is small and shared with many other businesses, so during main meal times, you may end up parking across the street in a bigger parking lot or on one of the side streets.

What Others are Saying

And while this is from my experience only, here is what others are saying about this place. Because it is important to get an idea of a place from more than one source.

Very good food! Service can be slow but honestly in the world today what can you expect, they are super friendly and love to help, just slow. Their sushi rolls I would put up with some if the best in town. - Nathan, Spokane, WA (Yelp)
My favorite place to grab some sushi that's close to the valley. The fish is always super fresh & they have a nice variety of rolls and other options. Their calamari is a super tasty appetizer & their sashimi is my new favorite. Never really been a big fan of sashimi, but now I am at Izumis!! The prices are definitely up there, but I've never regretted dropping some cash for a superb sushi meal here. Try literally anything if you are a sushi lover, thank me later. - Jamie, Spokane Valley WA (Yelp)
Nice to go back for lunch after moving cross country and returning to Spokane and visit friends. Service and food are always pretty much as expected. One of my favorite sushi spots in town. Always love the tempura green beans. - Andrea, Spokane, WA (Yelp)

These are just a few of some of the reviews you can find on Yelp and other review sites. Overall, everyone has something positive to say about the food, atmosphere, and service.

Final Thoughts

This is a great place to go get sushi, the staff was great, the food was excellent, and it was a nice place to go out for a date or simply grab great sushi. It was a bit spendy, but the food was completely worth the price so it is worth your time stopping in to eat. I highly suggest that you come to check it out.

What do you think? Have you been here before? Leave a comment below. If you think more people should read this article, please share it with your friends!

DISCLAIMER: This is a food review from personal experience at this establishment. At no point have I received any compensation from them to write a positive review. These are my experiences and opinions from said experience.

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