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Helpful Resources To Cut Your Expenses In Seattle

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Are you noticing that basically everything costs a lot more now than it did even a few months ago? You're not alone! The Consumer Price Index has increased 8.5 percent over the past twelve months, this is the largest 12-month increase since June 1982. (Source)

Here are some helpful resources to help you cut your expenses and maximize the cash that you do have.

Sell Your Items At These Places

The first thing you can do is look around your house to see if you have anything you're not using to see if you can sell it. There is a Facebook group for everything these days. Don't forget Facebook Marketplace, either. There are no fees there, and you can sell items really fast. There are also apps like Mercari too you can try out. These are great places to sell technology, video games, furniture, decor items, a sewing machine, and much more.

If you decide to sell local, it's a good idea to take some precautions and meet with buyers at a local police station as they have dedicated areas for online purchases. It's wise to take a friend too. Or, you can always just ship your items.

Get Things For Free From Local Sources

There are often many local no-buy groups on Facebook. That's right everything is FREE. For example, here is a free Facebook group right in Seattle worth checking out. You can find so many different things there too. Some people score brand new baby gear, clothing, a water dispenser, workout equipment, books, and even food. Most people have excess and feel like sharing it, which is a beautiful thing. Take them up on it. It's worth noting that these groups are often first come, first serve. So the early bird gets the worm here.

Dive Into Your Fixed Expenses

Fixed expenses are up for negotiation e.g cell phone plans, insurance plans, warranties, etc. Call any competitor and see if you can find a better plan than you currently have right now. Many companies will offer new customer bonus rates, which then gives you a quick cash boost.

Even if you choose not to change providers, you can still call your current one and ask if there is any way you can lower your bill. And don't forget to look closer at your memberships. There are even local options that your employer can give you. For example, Washington State employees have a lot of options here. Many employers get deals with certain providers. Take advantage of those deals!

Don't Forget These Other Local Options

There are many community resources you can use. For example, many utility companies have a program where they will waive your bill if you meet specific criteria. Some non-profits and foundations can help with bills and other living expenses. You can even get your hands on some of the stimulus money for rent. Ask around. Contact your library or even your utility company directly for more information.

Do you have any resources you would recommend?

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