New Stimulus Program Would Give You Thousands Per Year

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Are you feeling the pain of price increases whenever you look at your bank account? In 2021, the cost of inflation using the CPI is currently sitting at 7 percent for the entire country. (source) How about if we look closer at Washington state? Well, the price of used cars in Washington has gone up by 40 percent. (source) Yes, you read that right. Due to supply shortages, demand has risen significantly for used cars.

Utah Senator Mitt Romney says that he has a solution for many people struggling with the price hikes all over the country. Romney has a new program that provides greater financial security for American families by combining current policies to create one universal child benefit for all. This new program is called the Family Security Act. The child benefit created by the FSA would pay families with children $4,200 per child per year under six years of age, and $3,000 per child per year for older children. (Source)

How Things Change Under The Family Security Act

Under the Family Security Act the parents of children age 5 and under $350 per month, declining to $250 per month between ages 6 and 17. For a family of three children under 5, that amounts to a hefty benefit of $12,600 a year. Essentially, Romney’s FSA offers larger benefits extended to include more parents, but this program would be replacing the different welfare programs in America such as food stamps (SNAP), cash assistance, and Medicaid.

Senator Romney believes this program is in the best interest of the people because it provides a freedom to how the program works, which is his biggest concern:

We’re a nation of free men and women and, structuring our programs, not to compel people to choose a life which is not in their interest as they understand it, I think is a mistake… I am a believer in the market and people being able to make the choices which they feel are best. And I believe that if you allow that to happen, you’ll end up with stronger families, stronger values, stronger culture, and a stronger economy.

Do you support or disagree with this new plan by Mitt Romney?

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