Washington State Gas Prices Soar But The State Won’t Reduce Gas Tax

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While the all-time national average of gas prices in the past 30 years was $3.62 per gallon, states like Washington are getting hit with higher fuel prices thanks in part to local gas taxes. In Washington state, the current average price is $4.73 while the national average is $4.326. This is due in part to Washington state gas tax which clocks in at $0.494.

Yet, our local government has debated whether to give Washington state residents a break on the gas tax. However, lawmakers seem to be split on accepting the bill and helping out the people they serve. If the local lawmakers won’t help their residents, there isn’t much help coming at the federal level either. According to the New York Post:

“President Biden on Tuesday said that he “can’t do much” about gas prices that are surging past all-time highs after he signed an executive order to ban Russian oil imports.”

While lawmakers place blame and argue about how they can help the people, what can we do to find a little relief? Here are a few tips to help you save on the fuel costs until we start to see prices go back down:

  1. Rideshare: If you are forced to go to work, try and rideshare with your fellow employees. Pitch in for gas and try to drive at low volume times of the day.
  2. Public Transportation: Not all areas have excellent public transportation, however, if you live in one of the more urban areas in the state, try to take the bus more often.
  3. Work from home: I know, many businesses are bringing workers back in the office, but see if your employer will give you a break and let you continue to work from home.

There isn’t a lot to do right now and only time will tell, but you have options. Be sure to contact your elected officials and declare the need for local gas tax relief. Make sure they know their constituents' needs and that they take action.

What are gas prices in your area? What are you doing to combat rising prices?

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