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3 Steps to Prepare for the Single-Digit Weather in Spokane

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It's going to be a cold one in Spokane next week!

Are you ready for the single-digit weather to hit? For many of us, it's not something we are used to experiencing. Sure, we get in the teens pretty regularly for winter, but single digits!

As we prepare for Christmas, we need to make sure there are three things to help prepare for the frigid temperatures we will be experiencing in Spokane the week following Christmas.

In this article, you will find five ways to prepare for the freezing cold.

3 Ways to Prepare for Single-Digit Weather

While this summer we had record-setting heat, this winter we just might reach some record-setting cold. While many of us may have experienced this before, here are a few ways to prepare for the cold that is right around the corner.

#1: Keep an extra pair of warm clothes in your car

If you will be traveling for work or to see family it is always important to keep an extra set of warm clothes in your car. You never know if you get stuck on the side of the road or something happens, those warm clothes could save your life.

#2: Prepare your house

Be sure to winterize your exterior faucets. You can get these great faucet covers from any hardware store in the area that will them just warm enough they won't freeze. Also, if you have pipes that go through any exterior walls, be sure to keep those rooms of the house warmer.

#3: Have candles, extra water, and firewood on hand

If the power goes out, or your pipes freeze it's good to have extra supplies on hand. With the bitterly cold weather, branches and trees can become very brittle and fall. Or, if your pipes freeze you could be without water for a while. Make sure you have supplies on hand to face whatever may come.

Bonus: Know where your water shut-off valve is in your house

If you have a pipe burst in your house, it will be important to know where to turn the water off. Also, keep everything cleared away from there so you can reach it at a moment's notice.

Final Thoughts on Single-Digit Weather in Spokane

Most importantly, be sure you have a place to go and watch out for your neighbors. The best way to get through this weather or anything else we face in the area is to be watching out for each other. Be sure to check in on your neighbors and offer any assistance you can. That's how we can make it through any kind of weather.

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