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The Best Cinnamon Rolls In Spokane

J.R. Heimbigner

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I have found the best cinnamon roll in Spokane.

It was sweet, full of flavor, the bun itself melted in my mouth, and it was made right here in the city. It smelled wonderful when they warmed it up and looked absolutely enticing. Partnered with an excellent cup of coffee it was like sitting down and taking a bite of heaven. It was well worth the calories and the cost.

But where was this heavenly baked good made?

None other than Rocket Bakery. More specifically the Millwood location, though I don't believe they make the cinnamon rolls there. However, the roll itself was excellent, the coffee they serve partnered well with it, and the atmosphere really made the entire experience worth it.

The Details on Rocket Bakery

This was their first location. Built originally in 1992, it still services the area today. You can find excellent baked goods, coffee, cakes, pre-made lunch meals, and one of the best coffee shop atmospheres around town.


They are located on Argonne, just across from the Inland Empire Paper Company. They are actually hard to figure out parking if you have never been there before. But you can park in a lot behind the shop or in the lot next door since that building seems to be a revolving door of businesses.

Hours of Operation

They are open daily from 7 am to 4 pm. Which is great for your morning coffee on the way to work, lunch if you are running errands, or an afternoon pick-me-up after going out to Green Bluff (this is typically what we do after going out with the kids).


Their menu is quite large for a coffee shop boasting both breakfast and lunch food items. We have had a lot of the lunch items from several trips here and they are all 100% worth picking up. Just like the cinnamon roll, they are very tasty. You can find more about their menu here.


What makes their coffee great to me is that they roast it themselves with their coffee roaster Astro Roast. While it isn't a huge deal like some of the other places around town, it is always great to find a coffee shop that does things itself.

What People Are Saying About Rocket Bakery

While I can tell you how great this place is all day, here are a few reviews from Yelp to help you get an idea of what other people around town, and around the state think of this great little coffee shop.

Everything a coffee shop should be. Cozy. Friendly. Clean. Not pretentious. Killer bakery. Excellent coffee. Down-to-earth prices. Friendly staff that legitimately give a damn. Thanks, Rocket! - Brian, Spokane, Yelp
This is the best coffee place in the valley. I have been coming here for years and their drinks and snacks never fail to impress. - Jack, Spokane Valley, Yelp
I love this place! The baristas are friendly and happily made my latte to my odd specifications, and to perfection! Cool atmosphere and the coffee was fantastic! And who would have thought rhubarb and custard would work so perfectly in a tort?? It was delicious. This place is truly a Spokane gem!!! I live in Seattle, but will continue to come here when I am in town.... they never disappoint!! - Tim, Seattle, Yelp

As you can see, I'm not the only one who loves this place. Plus, it is kid-approved. My kids love it too. The staff was so great with them, and they enjoyed the baked treat too.

Final Thoughts on Rocket Bakery

Whether you are meeting up with a friend, out with the family, or just trying to take a break from work, this is the place to be. You will not be disappointed with the food or the coffee. And the atmosphere is probably one of the best around town.

I would highly suggest that you check this place out!

It's no wonder that it is on my list of the best coffee shops around Spokane. If you have been here, share what you think in the comments below! It's always nice to hear from other people around town too!

P.S. if you like this place for coffee, you might like this place for lunch or dinner!

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