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Sad News: The Palouse Bar and Grill is Closed

J.R. Heimbigner

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It's a sad day on the South Hill. Maybe not for everyone, but for those who used to frequent or stop in at The Palouse Bar and Grill. As of October 15, 2021, they had to close their doors. It's too bad really. I always enjoyed being able to stop in and grab a burger and Cougar fries. Yet, it seems like I was one of the few.

They announced on the 16th of October via Facebook that they were closing with this message:

We at the Palouse Bar and Grill are sad to announce that as of 10/15/21 we are no longer be open for business. It's been an honor to serve and be a part of the Spokane community. Thank you all for your support and excitement over the last 4 years! We are going to miss you all! Thank you very much! Sincerely, All of us here at the Palouse Bar and Grill, Facebook Post

Before they closed, they were offering gift cards to their establishment. To date, no one has been able to confirm if those gift cards would be refunded. Though, the likelihood is low, if you find out, leave a comment below.

A Few Things We Will Miss

There will be a few things my family and I will miss about The Palouse Bar and Grill. First and foremost, the Cougar Fries with the fantastic Cougar Gold Cheese sauce. Those garlic fries and cheese dip are a sad loss to our beer drinking on a Saturday.

Another thing we will miss is the atmosphere. Sometimes, walking in there, reminded me of being in Pullman while going to college. From the Cougar decor to the friendly faces, it will be a place that will often be missed for me. Guess, I will just have to travel the hour and a half to Pullman.

Lastly, we will miss the summer days sitting on their patio enjoying drinks. This was one of my favorite past times with family and friends. They always had a decent little drink menu, beers on tap, and an open patio. These experiences will be missed for sure.

3 Other Places to Try on the South Hill

Since Palouse Bar and Grill is closed, here are three other places to try instead. Each one of these places is great to stop in and get drinks or food.

1-Waddell's Neighborhood Pub & Grill

Here is one of my favorite things about this place: Some of the greatest craft beers in the Inland Northwest are on tap. Over 80% of Waddell's 50 tap handle lineup is rotated on a regular basis. If you're looking for an IPA, go no further than here, where you'll find over 15 different hoppy IPAs.


2-Rancho Viejo

This is probably our favorite Mexican restaurant on the South Hill. When we want to go out for something tried and true, this is where we go. Here's why: it was so family-friendly. It is always nice to find a place to eat that is family-friendly. Especially, with my family of five. After we were seated, we got kids' cups, and everyone was talking with my family which was great.



We love going to Ferrante's for dinner or lunch. Most of all we love the gelato. Here is a little more about why we love Ferrante's: While every restaurant has something that will draw everyone in to make it their favorite place, Ferrante's reminds me of something about Italy. Sure, it could be the gelato case that sits right at the counter where you order.


Final Thoughts

While it is sad to see a place go, the great thing is there are other places to stop and eat around the south hill in Spokane. Farewell, The Palouse Bar and Grill. Hopefully something else delicious will take over the space.

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