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Revel 77 On The South Hill Is A Great Place To Stop In For A Coffee

J.R. Heimbigner

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"I love coffee at Revel 77!"

My friend proclaimed this as I was discussing my last trip to the coffee shop. We were talking about different coffee shops around town and while I was sharing some of my favorites, he informed me he likes their coffee best in Spokane.

As we dug deeper into why he loves Revel 77 as the best coffee shop in town it was purely on the basis of the coffee. Though he does love the way the shop looks, and some of the other baked goods you can find there.

Ultimately, for my friend, it was the coffee.

After this proclamation from my friend, whose opinion I hold in high esteem, I decided it was time to go back to Revel 77 and pick up a cup of coffee. In fact, I decided that I would try out a few different things while I was there just to make sure I was getting the full experience.

What happened was surprising for me though. Mostly, because I had found the coffee to be kind of like any cup of coffee you might get in Portland, Oregon. Yet, on my second go-around, I found myself really enjoying the different types of coffee available.

Exploring the Coffee at Revel 77

On my last trip, I decided to try out three specific drinks. Iced coffee, a regular drip coffee, and a latte. Sure, there are a lot of ways to take your coffee, but these are the ones that I tend to pick up if I am in a coffee shop, so I went with coffee drinks I am familiar with on a regular basis.

What I learned from sampling the three drinks was no surprise. The regular coffee and ice coffee tasted pretty similar to me. It was strong, citrusy, but good. The ice coffee was refreshing for a hot day and the hot coffee would be good for rain or cold. No big surprise here.

It was the latte that I got that surprised me. Something about a plain latte that tasted great. I don't often get plain lattes, but what I found was the flavor of the coffee came through and was really good. It was a nice surprise that reminded me this is how you were supposed to drink a latte.

The espresso coffee was where it was for me.

Not the brewed or cold-brewed coffees. It was all about the espresso. In fact, since my taste-testing trip, I went back to simply get a shot of coffee and it reminded me of drinking coffee in Italy. Strong but full of flavor. It was really worth it.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for something new, or have driven by Revel 77 on 57th on the South Hill, maybe today is your day to stop in and grab some coffee. Decide for yourself of course, but it is always nice to hear positive thoughts from others before going somewhere new.

Here are a few quick details:

There you have it. This is definitely a place to check out on the South Hill, and you never know, maybe it will become your new favorite place. It is locally owned and the people there are great. So, it can fit right into your every day or even a once in a while stop.

Is there a coffee shop you like to go to regularly? What is it and where is it? Share in the comments below!

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Spokane, WA

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