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Why Jacob's Java Might Just Be The Best Coffee Stand In Spokane

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Is Jacob's Java the 1st Drive-Thru coffee stand in Spokane, Washington?

Honestly, I don't know if that is true, but it is on their website. And, they have been serving hand-crafted coffee to people in their car since 1992, so that could be 100% true. After all, I am trying to think back to my high school and middle school days of coming to Spokane with my family and I only remember my dad stopping at a Jacob's Java, so maybe it is true. (I'm sure someone will correct me if it's wrong.)

This is what they say about it:

Inspiration came on a road trip in 1992. Spokane needed a fast way for busy people to get their coffee fix. We bought an old photo development hut, and next thing you know, we have five stands plus a sixth with indoor seating in the works! (Jacobsjava.com)

So, for all purposes, we will be discussing coffee from Spokane's first drive-thru coffee stand because I see them every time I go to the grocery store or head into downtown Spokane. Recently, on my way to the hardware store, I stopped in and tried out some of their coffee and I was pleasantly surprised.

From One Generation To The Next

Like I said earlier, I remember my dad stopping by Jacob's Java and getting a latte when I was growing up. I even remember my dad telling me it was his favorite place to get coffee. So, it is funny that the other day I stopped in at one of their other locations and picked up a cup of coffee.

Now, while my dad is primarily a latte drinker, I enjoy a lot of different types of coffee. And, of course, I had one of my daughters with me so we got some steamed milk too.

It brings a smile to my face to think that three generations could enjoy something from a locally owned business. Not very often do we see that anymore it feels like, so I wanted to make sure to give them some love and point more people in their direction!

The Details On Jacob's Java

Jacob's Java has expanded a lot since 1992. They have multiple locations and even brew their own coffee now. It is important to get some of the details down for this Spokane-grown favorite.


There are six locations in the greater Spokane area. You can find four of them in the Spokane proper, one in Airway Heights, and one in Spokane Valley. You can find a location near you using their locations page. For me, I have driven by their location Ray street coming off the South Hill and their location out in the valley on the way to work.


Since there are multiple locations, their hours vary. Though generally, they are open 5:00 AM to either 6:00 PM or 7:00 PM daily. They are all conveniently located on your way to work so there is no need to cross traffic on your way to downtown Spokane or into the valley too.


Their drink menu is pretty standard. However, when I talked with the barista at the shop I stopped at the other day, she had said that they have some barista favorites that they can make up on the spot, typically combining unusual flavors for lattes and things.


Something we are finding more and more at the coffee stands and shops are the merchandise. This is true for Jacob's Java as well. Online, their website has t-shirts and I am pretty sure I saw travel mugs at the stand I went through recently.

Final Thoughts

All in all, whether they were truly the first drive-thru coffee stand in Spokane doesn't much matter. The coffee and their locations are great for getting ready for your daily drive to work or just to grab some coffee while out running errands.

This is a tried and true local business that I think will be around for years to come and you should stop in today and pick up a coffee!

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