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Why Three Sisters Food To Go Is A Hidden Gem in Spokane

J.R. Heimbigner

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My favorite food to eat when I have a cold is Pho.

Unfortunately, since moving to Spokane, we haven't been able to find a great Vietnamese restaurant until now. It was kind of funny actually. Prior to Covid, I was out of town and my wife came down with a cold. She started searching for a place that serves good Pho and couldn't find anything.

Finally, when she was coming home from Costco on East Sprague, she noticed this little strip mall restaurant touting Vietnamese food. She stopped in on a whim and ordered Pho to go. Brought it home, warmed it up, and then called me immediately overjoyed that we found our Pho place.

It's funny to think how much certain foods bring joy, peace, healing to our bodies and souls. That is just what Pho does for us when we get sick. There is a comfort to it that changes our demeanor. And, maybe even something medicinal from the ingredients.

I was reminded of Three Sisters Food To Go this week.

While driving to Home Depot for a home improvement project, I realized that we hadn't been by Three Sisters in a while. With spring starting to bring pollen and all the other allergens into the air, I have been pretty congested.

So, I stopped in for some Pho. Got my things at Home Depot. Ate my lunch when I got home and felt like a million bucks to get working on my project. The impact on my mental state was so significantly helpful that I could not help but share it with you today.

The Details On Three Sisters Food To Go

Here are a few details for my favorite Pho place. And, I might add that this is probably the best in town unless there is an even better one I haven't stumbled across. Though, I think this place is hard to beat.


This Vietnamese restaurant is located on East Sprague between Freye and Havana. They have a very small parking lot that they share with a Rent-A-Center. So, be prepared to park along the side of the building or have a little trouble backing around during lunch hour.


Their hours of operation are from Monday, Wednesday through Saturday 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Sunday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. And they are closed on Tuesdays. The best time to go in is just before lunch hour or mid-afternoon through. At least, these are our favorite times.


They serve a wide range of Vietnamese and Chinese food for take-out at an affordable price. In fact, they are way more affordable than most places around town in regards to food. Their menu is quite extensive, and I honestly only order Pho here.

What Others Are Saying

"We eat here quite often and always have a good meal and service." - Google Reviewer

The first time I walked into the place. There were five construction workers in there getting their food. They were chatting away with the owner and brought me into the conversation. Sure enough, these guys have a standing appointment to come in and get lunch on Wednesdays as long as their worksite is nearby. They all had only positive things to say.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a wonderful Pho place around Spokane, look no further. This place is so good. They are a fan favorite to their area and for our family. The food is great, the price is good, and the service will leave you with a smile.

Next time you are looking for some Vietnamese food in Spokane, stop by Three Sisters Food To Go.

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