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The One Thing That Makes Me Stop At Latah Latte in Spokane

J.R. Heimbigner

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This cute little coffee shack is something of a surprise to me.

While there are a lot of coffee stands around the Spokane area, this one caught my wife and I's attention when we were first looking at houses around the area when we were getting ready to move back to the Inland Northwest.

In 2018, we were driving around looking at houses. At the end of our drive, we were hot, worn out, and needed some cold coffee. In the end, we were driving by this little shack and decided to pull in for a cold coffee. To our surprise, we found something excellent.

Why I Would Encourage You To Stop

Two words: Coffee Slushy.

I know, that sounds ridiculous. You can get some kind of coffee slushy, also known as a 'frappuccino' anywhere. But for some reason, this drink was amazing. Every time we go back, it tastes great, it's cold, and we are never disappointed.

Most of all, it was cheap. For two 16 oz drinks, it was super cheap.

I would highly suggest with summer coming around the corner, it is worth stopping in and getting a coffee slushy to cool down. Especially, if you are in the area. I know that it is a little out of the way for many people in Spokane, but if you are there, stop in!

Here are a few details on the stand:


This little coffee stand is located off of Cheney-Spokane Road before Chaps and the Latah Bistro. It is a little bit of a surprise, but if you are looking for it after getting off of Highway 195 you will see it.


Their hours are great during the day or on the way to work. You can swing by Monday - Saturday from 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and Sunday from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM. So, you can catch them on the way to work, school, church, or on the way home if it is going to be a long night.


Their menu is a very traditional coffee stand menu. You of course get your espresso shots, mochas, lattes, macchiatos, americanos, cappuccinos, and frappoccinos. But it is all about the frappuccino/coffee slushy. This is the thing to get.

Final Thoughts

I am convinced that this is one of the best places to stop on the coffee slushy alone.

However, we have picked up a latte or two there as well and the coffee tastes great. The Baristas have always been friendly. And, the cost of hand-crafted coffee is excellent. If you are in the area, you should stop by and grab a cup of coffee.

Again, this is a place that is unassuming, but excellent.

There are few surprises like this in the area. But, it was a good one that was oddly encouraging for my wife and me as we were getting ready to move to Spokane. Sometimes, it is the little things in life that can give the most encouragement.

What is a small, unassuming coffee shop that you stop at in the Spokane area? Share in the comments below!

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