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Why You Should Try Latah Bistro In Spokane For Your Next Date Night

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There is nothing like a decent glass of wine and excellent food for a date night with your spouse.

Just after restaurants were able to open back up again last year, my wife and I decided to venture out to support local business. One place we had noticed on multiple occasions but never decided to go into was Latah Bistro.

So, on that particular Friday night, we decided to change that up.

The Details On Latah Bistro

One of the things that I noticed right away was how it definitely felt like a place that locals eat. Yes, I am a local to Spokane, but there was something about a connection the staff had with a few tables that told me that these tables had standing dinner plans at this restaurant.

To me, this is always a good sign.

If people are consistently coming back for more, this must be a good place to eat. Especially, when there are multiple bottles of wine opens and variety of food on the tables. Which speaking of what we saw on the other tables, the food looked really good too.

Let's get into the details through:


Latah Bistro is located off of the Cheney-Spokane Road near Chaps (Since nearly everyone in Spokane knows about Chaps). The thing about it is that you wouldn't know it was there because it is tucked away in a little strip-mall style building across from the grocery store and Chaps.


There hours are definitely bistro style hours. They are open Monday - Saturday, 11:30 AM to 9:00 PM and on Sundays they are open 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Definitiely not a place to try to go late in the evening, when we went into dinner, it was clear that you go a little before 5:00 PM and plan to stay to close.


Their menu, prepared by Chef Sean Payne, isn't a huge, but everything on it sounds delicious. As you look through their lunch, dinner, and drinks menus, you know you are in for finding something very good at this restaurant.

Final Thoughts

My wife and I enjoyed our dinner and chatted with some of the regulars. The environment was great. The food was delicious. And it is definitely a place we will return to for date night. The one thing I would remind myself is that it isn't cheap.

But, for a date night, it is important to enjoy good food, in a great environment. Most of all, it is definitely a place where I would suggest others to go for dinner.

If you have been to Latah Bistro, what has your experience been? Where you do go for date nights around Spokane? Share in the comments below for your favorite places around town and why.

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