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Look No Further For The Best Pizza In Spokane

J.R. Heimbigner

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There is simply no better place to get pizza than Versalia Pizza Spokane.

I know, this is saying something. After all, Spokane has at least one pizza place on every block. Every restaurant here has pizza as an option. And, there are simply a lot of pizza places around town. How the heck do I come up with one place being the best.

Simply put, it's the best pizza I have had in town.

Versalia Pizza Spokane is located on Summit Parkway between Maple Street and Monroe. This is its primary location which is a beautiful shop with a patio that looks out over downtown Spokane. When you go into the shop you can pay by the slice or order an entire pie and know you are getting quality in every bite.

What Makes Versalia Pizza the Best?

First, they get as many ingredients as possible from local farms. Everything from the meat and vegetables that go on each pie, we know they come from places close to home. So, not only is it farm to table, but they are supporting our local businesses with every pie.

Second, the crust for each pizza comes from dough prepared in-shop daily. This brings a fresh, tasty crust that gives each pizza a solid foundation for flavor and structure as you eat each slice.

Third, they aren't limited to one location. The last time I stopped by there, I learned that they do catering AND they will be setting up shop with local farmers markets. They will be found at the Fairwood Farmers Market, Coeur D'Alene Downtown Market, Thursday Market in the South Perry District, and the Liberty Lake Market.

Forth, their menu is chalked full of great pizza, food, and drinks. Oh, and don't forget Happy Hour Monday through Friday from 2 pm to 5 pm. With a great menu, happy hour, and a beautiful place to sit down and eat pizza the environments ripe for a great experience and for being the best pizza place in Spokane.

Lastly, their prices aren't cheap. This isn't Dominos Pizza or Little Caesars. The food you are getting here is high quality and they price accordingly. But don't let that deter you. While this might not be the place you order pizza from every week, this is a place you will want to spend a little extra on a pizza.

Final Thoughts

While there is always a wide range of types of pizza, costs for pizza, and requirements for a good pizza. Versalia Pizza Spokane delivers on great taste, high quality, beautiful views, and availability. Most of all, it is a great change of experience for what you will find all over the city of Spokane.

Come for the pizza, stay for the atmosphere.

The entire experience will leave you excited to come back for more. You will want to bring your friends and family here. It will be worth it every single time. And, when you see them out and about at the local farmer's markets, you will be excited to get in line and get a good slice of pizza too.

Have you been to Versalia Pizza Spokane? What has your experience been? Or, where is your favorite place in town? Share in the comments below!

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