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7 Outdoor Park Areas To Visit In Spokane

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Springtime is upon us here in the Inland Northwest and after a winter that hit us with downed trees and late snow, we are all ready to get out and enjoy some sunshine. The great thing is that we live in a place where we can get out and do some fun things outside!

This year, my family and I plan on being a little more touristy about our outdoor adventures here in Spokane. When we first started planning outings, we realized just how much Spokane and the Inland Northwest have to offer. So, it only seems appropriate to share a few of these places to help you and your family get out this year too!

I have compiled a long list personally, but here are seven places we plan to visit this year that might be fun to get out to and enjoy the sunshine.

7 Spokane Area Outdoor Adventures

One other thing I wanted to share was how much Spokane has changed from when I was a kid. Growing up near Spokane, we would come up and do a few things once in a while. But now, that I have a family of my own and I have moved back into the area, there seem to be so many more options. So, here are a few.

1. Riverfront Park

This 100-acre park spreads around the Spokane River and Upper Spokane Falls. There have been a lot of improvements to the park in recent years and it is great for going on walks with the family and learning more about Spokane and the history of the area.

2. Manito Park

Growing up, I must admit, that we didn't come to Manito Park very often. However, that we live here in Spokane, it has been a fun place to find ourselves on a warm day. This 90-acre park located on the Southill boasts an arboretum, a conservatory, and botanical gardens. Along with walking paths, and splash pads. It is great for the entire family.

3. Mount Spokane State Park

While this is north of Spokane about 23 miles, the drive is worth your time. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy seeing the views up on the mountain. During the winter there is snowboarding and skiing, but during the summer it is a great place to really get to know the area and the landscape.

4. Riverside State Park

Located north of Spokane in Nine Mile Falls, you can take the family for an all-day adventure on the hiking trails, park area, and rivers that run through it. It is another place that may take a little drive, but it is completely worth going out of your way to see this natural setting.

5. Dishman Hills Natural Area

This 530-acre protected conservation land is a great place for hiking during the summertime. Growing up, I remember coming up here with friends, and it sounds like it has only grown in popularity. The trails are great for family and pets, and there are some great open areas to be able to stop and have lunch.

6. Cannon Hill Park

This is a small park just off of Manito on the Southill with a pond, an area for kids to play, and some short walking paths. While it seems to be a very popular place, we have found ourselves enjoying it all alone, so it is quite peaceful too.

7. High Drive Bluff Park

This is a place where I have taken my daughters hiking over the last summer and we plan on coming back to it this year again. At the top, you look down on the Latah Creek Valley and can enjoy beautiful sunsets. During the day, it is great for hiking, biking, and enjoying the warm sun.

Final Thoughts

These are only a handful of the great places to visit in our area that are outdoor parks. There are tons of other great sites to see in the Spokane area too! One of the things that I love about getting outside though is how much we can connect with the natural landscape here that I have found time and again to be beautiful and peaceful.

Since this is a shortlist, share in the comments below some of the places you like to visit that are outdoor recreation areas or parks in the Spokane area! This way we can all get out a little bit more and enjoy our beautiful city and encourage our kids to do the same.

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