3 Essentials For Mastering Productivity

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“I searched one word: Productivity.”

What do we do when we want to learn something new? We Google it. Where do we go from there? We decide if we believe a source or not. If we do, then we begin to implement what we have found. From there, we learn whether or not it works. When it comes to learning more and more about “Productivity,” we need to see the world in three specific ways before we can apply a new tip.

Before we can understand the three specific ways to apply productivity, I will need to initiate you into the society of Productivity Masters.

“A Productivity Master”

Are you a Productivity Master? When I think about being a master or anything I think of Yoda from Star Wars or Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid. These quietly focused characters dance across our minds when we think about the word Master. But what makes them a master in our minds?

There are three forms of the word master:

  • Noun: a skilled practitioner of a particular art or activity.
  • Adjective: having or showing very great skill or proficiency.
  • Verb: acquire complete knowledge or skill in (an accomplishment, technique, or art).

What I love about looking at the three different forms of the word master, there is one word found in every definition: skill. To be a master, you must have a particular skill which you have complete knowledge or proficiency. Most of us would not dare to say we are masters at anything with this definition.

But what if you could?

Understanding Productivity

“Productivity is simply creating efficiency to provide margin.”

I believe productivity is all about us becoming really good at something so we have space to do and enjoy the things we want to be doing. If this is the case, the goal of productivity isn’t to make more of something, but to create space with our time.

If this is true, we need to make sure we are doing everything possible to put our products to work for ourselves.

Becoming a Master

The moment you decide to become more productive and become proficient at even one productivity tool or tip, you become a master. And most masters know they have so much more to learn, this is why they reach such places of esteem. (Now, I know, someone somewhere ‘clicked’ their tongue at me for saying you are now a master, but truly, by definition, you are a master)

But to become a master you must START!

And once you have started, you will not likely want to quit. The more results you see in productivity, the more you will want to learn and grow. From there, you will simply continue to expand your knowledge and proficiency until you reach Master Status.

Three Essentials to Productivity

If you want to really be a Productivity Master, you need to understand Productivity is about three things: Your Mindset, Yourself, and Others. Two of these things you can control and one of them you cannot control. However, if you learn how to manage and work within these three areas you can be a True Productivity Master.


When it comes to being productive at work and creating more margin, we need to start with our mindset. Are we preparing ourselves to be the most productive? Or, are we trying to implement practical tips and tricks without changing the way we see our productivity?

You must change your mindset and prepare to go into the deep with creating margin in your life from being more productive.

When you do this it will prepare you for everything to change.


These are your first steps to practicality in your productivity. You are the only person you can control. In changing the ways you do things first after establishing the correct mindset, you will be able to see a huge improvement in your productivity.

These will be specific things you can do for yourself every day. And it starts in the morning, goes throughout the day, and wraps up in the evening. The things you do all day long, that you can control, will change your productivity, and it must start with you.

When you start doing practical steps in changing your productivity, you will experience an increase in output and margin immediately.


You cannot control others. But you can maneuver your way through your day of interactions with other people at work. While you can’t make someone leave you alone, you can redirect them to others, or put the interaction on your terms.

When you understand how to do these types of productivity tips, it allows you to control the situations which might derail your productivity and keep you from getting the important things done.

When you start preparing and using tips that help you maneuver interactions with others throughout the day, you will be able to establish complete productivity.

Now, you have established the three essentials to productivity. What are you going to do with them? Are you ready to take the next steps toward becoming a Productivity Master?

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