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5 Coffee Shops To Check Out In Spokane, Washington

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With Covid-19 restrictions loosening up we are all able to come back into restaurants and dining areas and one of my favorite places to go is coffee shops. I love being able to sit in the coffee shop, drink coffee, read, talk with a friend, or even work.

And now that we can start doing this, it was important for me to share some great places to stop in and help boost your caffeine intake.

Before I go on, I want to make sure that you understand that the best place to review the updated Covid-19 response in Washington comes from the Washington State Department of Health. Please check out their website for all updates and any changes.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's take a look at some great coffee shops to frequent now that we can go inside, sit down, and enjoy a good cup of coffee.

5 Great Coffee Shops Of Spokane


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One last thing, these are in no particular order. However, I have been to each one of these places and have found that they all have some incredible strengths and a few downsides along the way.

Indaba Coffee

Now, to be fair, Indaba Coffee has five locations in the heart of Spokane. You can find them downtown by the Riverpark Square with two locations, two more locations along Kendall Yards, and the original location near Broadway and Walnut.

What makes Indaba Coffee special is that the owner, Bobby Enslow, grew up right here in Spokane, Washington. His story about creating a single coffee shop that would impact his city is amazing, you can read more here. Most of all, he has a commitment to his community and his coffee.

Most of the shops have sit-down seating ranging from a fair size for a coffee shop in Spokane, to a few tables depending on the location. All of them offer a variety of food which is sourced locally as well. If you were to stop by one of these locations, you might even catch owner Enslow serving your coffee.

Atticus Coffee & Gifts

Another great sit-down coffee shop found in the heart of Spokane is Atticus Coffee & Gifts. When my wife and I moved to Spokane, we found ourselves frequenting this shop for the coffee, food, and atmosphere. Most of all, we enjoyed that we could stop in for a cup of coffee before continuing on our journey of exploring downtown Spokane.

While some coffee shop staples in the city have worked hard to bolster their standing with websites, coffee subscriptions, and more this one focuses on one thing: creating an experience and comfortable place to sit, drink, and enjoy.

Now that we can sit down and relax in these spaces, I would highly encourage you to stop in and grab some coffee here. It will be well worth your time, money, and sanity.

Revel 77

This coffee shop has been coming onto my radar quite a bit. Not just because I pass it almost every time I am driving to the grocery store too. On several occasions as of late, friends have been telling me how much they love the coffee here at Revel 77.

When you stop into the shop, you find yourself in a strangely modern, but welcoming environment. On both trips that I have taken to the coffee shop, I found myself enjoying the food items as much as I have enjoyed the coffee.

One of the unique and smart things I have seen them doing is figuring out how to provide coffee during the entire pandemic. From what I have been told, they were one of the first places making half gallon jugs of 'lattes to go." They have also worked tirelessly to keep the doors open and find ways to serve the community.

Ladder Coffee Roasters

This is another coffee shop, like Indaba, that has multiple locations. Ladder Coffee can be found in four locations: Brownes Addition, Spokane Valley, on West Francis, and on North Monroe. They also have a coffee subscription setup on their website.

This is another story of finding a coffee passion right here in Spokane that has grown much farther than the owners had originally thought possible. You can read more of their story here.

I have been to two of the locations and have enjoyed every cup of coffee that I have had. My wife and I even tried out the coffee subscription at the beginning of the pandemic and it was worth our time. Though, now that we can go into coffee shops, we pick our coffee up in person again.

Rocket Bakery

Okay, so Rocket Bakery may not be a "coffee shop" per se. However, it is one of my favorite places to go. It seems that no matter what my family and I are doing, we end up stopping in at one of their six locations. While they have multiple locations, they are one of those down-to-earth places that I love to go to.

Their bakery and food items are above the rest, and their coffee is good too. Most of all, I have always enjoyed stopping in and meeting with friends at the locations.

If you have a chance to stop in, you can find them in just about any part of Spokane. Make sure you grab a coffee and a baked good at least. If you have time, grab some of their outstanding food items too. It will be worth your time and money, plus, your taste buds will thank you.

Final Thoughts

With these five different coffee shops, you actually have 17 places you could stop in throughout the Spokane area. And to be honest with you, it would be worth getting out and grabbing a cup of coffee from all of them. Most of all, I know you will find a favorite place to stop in, meet friends, and get a good cup of coffee.

If you live here in the Spokane area, what is your favorite coffee shop to go to and why? It's always helpful to learn more about the great places we could stop in and support our community.

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