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I used to think I was fueling my concentration with coffee. In fact, it’s the cool thing to do, right? Growing up, I would read Tom Clancy novels and every one of the main characters was an avid coffee drinker. Those novels related good work to coffee and I still buy into that today.

And yet, when I drink copious amounts of coffee at work I keep running into a brick wall of exhaustion. And then, I start thinking it's because I am not getting enough sleep at night. Or that work is BORING.

Or maybe, just maybe, it was because I was dehydrated and riding the caffeine rollercoaster?

Drink More Water

My wife has always been telling me I need to drink more water. And I have always known she is right. But, I am an annoying ‘why’ person. I need to know why it is important, and why I should do something. Sure, there are a lot of common-sense reasons to drink more water, but I wasn’t about to give in that easily.

And then, at 3 AM on a Saturday morning, I woke up stressed and in a panic.

My ‘why’ was about to be answered. My wake-up call was thanks to stress and anxiety about work. The entire reason I am writing about these 21 Productivity Tips is because of this 3 AM wake-up call.

I started researching ways to become more effective at work. And a list of ideas was born. One of the things I was finding over and over was self-care, and attached to it was drinking enough water.

Why Should We Drink More Water

When I saw that drinking more water was on almost every productivity list from major publications, I knew there was something to it. So, I started looking into why I should drink more water.

Here are 10 Benefits of Drinking More Water

  1. Lowers Your Blood Pressure (which increases with stress)
  2. Boosts Energy Levels (sustains energy all day)
  3. Prevents Headaches (stress, eye strain, and more cause headaches)
  4. Helps with Weight Loss (I sit at a desk, I need all the help I can get)
  5. Increases Serotonin (which makes you feel better, and reduces depression)
  6. Boosts Your Immune System (Keeps you from getting sick)
  7. Breaks the Afternoon Slump (The moment when we want to leave at 2 PM)
  8. Improves Concentration (Fewer distractions, more work)
  9. Quickens Reactions (Make quick and accurate decisions)
  10. It is Good for You (Common sense, right?)

Don’t Take My Word For It

Try it tomorrow. In fact, start right now. Go out and buy yourself a special water bottle and find a special sticker and put the two together. Put a little money down on huge return investment.

Once you have your customized water bottle, fill it up tonight and put it in the refrigerator. And then tomorrow, take it with you everywhere you go. Work, shopping, the gym, the donut shop, everywhere.

This way you have to use it. You paid for it, you are hauling it around. Why wouldn’t you use it?

We Need Water All Day Long

What I have learned from drinking more water is how much better I feel holistic. My mind is more clear. I have fewer headaches and backaches. Oddly enough, I do get a lot more done and avoid the afternoon wall. My energy is more consistent throughout the day when I am drinking water.

Overall, I am kind of amazed.

I didn’t expect the other effects to be so pronounced in my life. And what it is showing me is how water is the key to getting my head right and my body right. And when those things are right, I am able to do more at work and at home.

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