Why Productivity Is Important In Your Life

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I thought I was trying to be more productive so I could be more successful at work and could create more margin in life. When I first set out to find productivity tips to help myself, I was stressed out, exhausted, worn out, and frustrated with my job. It was to the point where I was ready to throw in the towel and accept being mediocre.

Now, five months later, something new is beginning to surface. It was unexpected to me as I have been riding waves of stress and exhaustion with my current career. My productivity has increased so much I am getting my work done early most days. And I started getting ahead and producing better work.

With this happening, it has created more margin than I had hoped. Before, I merely wanted to get work done during my eight-hour day. I didn’t want to be bringing work home at night. And I wanted to be doing my work better.

But, something else happened.

Margin Creates Space & Time

If there is anything more important than space and time, I don't know what it is. We need to be jumping into being productive so we can enjoy more space in our lives and more time in our lives.


The newly created margin was not only helping get my work done, it was creating peace of mind I was missing in my exhaustion and stress. With this peace of mind, I started to find myself being more creative, finding ways to better take care of myself, and able to focus on my family more.

In all three of these areas, I have entered new levels of learning and growth. They aren’t all easy, but now I have the space to do it. It is this space where I am seeing life change and everyone needs this space.


Time is always going. We can’t save it in a jar. And we can’t stop it. When I spend my time working and working and working, I am giving up on time spent with my wife. Throwing away time with my daughters. Leaving time on the side of the road for important parts of my life.

Our time on earth is precious. I interviewed a man yesterday for a story at my church. He said, “Everything ends someday. This life ends. Seasons in life end…” It struck me hard. While I am learning so much, all of a sudden I was reminded of how much time is gone.

Something Pure: Life

Life does not work. Sure, we do a lot of work in our lives. But it doesn’t have to be drudgery. We can be good at our jobs. And we can be excellent at our jobs. There is nothing wrong with this.

What is wrong?

Losing our lives to be productive for the wrong reasons.

Lately, I have been convicted of how much time I spend working, worrying about, or thinking about a job that is breaking me down. It is taxing on my spirit, soul, and body. And allowing it to do that is not life.

It just sucks.

Be Productive

What if, we can be productive in order to enjoy and live more of our lives. In five months of using my 21 Productivity Tips, I have experienced growth in this area like never before. I am getting through my work early most days. And if for any reason I cannot get through it, it is easier to make up.

We need to be productive.

Not merely to produce more, but to provide a better margin for our lives. And I believe this margin is where we can enjoy life more. Getting our work done. Leaving it at work. Removing it from your mind.

It all comes down to how we want to live our lives. And I want to be productive at work, so I can have the margin for the rest of my life.

What about you?

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