Allow Yourself To Struggle And See What Happens

J.R. Heimbigner
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Life is hard. It is a struggle sometimes. I just made it through a very difficult season at work. During that time, I was working my 40+ hours in the office and then working from home after my daughters went to bed. It led me to re-evaluate my productivity. However, not every season of life is like this. And it never is the same area of life either.

Struggles Come and Go Like Waves on the Shore

If you have ever spent significant time at the beach, you know the tides come in and out. And the waves like to wash up onto the shore and then rush back out into the ocean. It’s a rhythm most of us find peace. In our lives, we will struggle with many things, and they always come and go.

I used to think I can minimize or avoid struggle and conflict.

How foolish I was.

What I have learned is how I need to embrace it for growth.

“Difficulties mastered are opportunities won.” — Winston Churchill

When I embrace my struggle in a particular area of life, it gives me the opportunity for a victory in life. I have something where I can not only overcome but grow in that area of my life. After all, a struggle in our life is only for a time.

The Struggle Bus

When my daughters are having a hard time, we call it the ‘Struggle Bus.’ The world is hard, life isn’t all sunshine and butterflies, and they are going to let my wife and I know about it. The Struggle Bus is a large, wreaking ball that parades around our house. Leaving devastation, messes, and a scared Pomeranian in its wake.

We are not unlike my daughters.

I know when I am on the Struggle Bus, I do a lot of moping. I eat a lot of garbage food. And I am not a great husband, father, or friend. When we are adults, we don’t only leave messes in our homes like our children. We leave messes in the lives of other people. And this isn’t good for us or others.

It’s time to get off the Struggle Bus.

How Do We Get Off at the Next Stop?

When we struggle, we need to start at where we are. What is our current reality? Then we need to think about where we want to go. What is our desired future?

When we think about that desired future, we need to decide why we want that future? If you want it because it will give you the best opportunity for life and it’s really something YOU want, go for it!

If you want it because someone else wants it or wants you to want it, maybe hit the brakes. This is how we live other people’s priorities in our lives. And living that way is not intentional.

We need to decide how to get to the desired future. We need to create direction. What are the major milestones? What are the smaller steps? Break those things down and start putting together your map to your desired future.

Once you know your ‘why’ and you know your route it is time to get moving and take action. We need to take our next action. Complete it. And then take the next action after the last one. Soon, you will build momentum. And when you get momentum, you will begin to do amazing things. Your achievement will encourage you to do something more.

Over time, we can become masters of the things we struggle with the most. I have experienced this in different areas of my life. And now, we can do it again.

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