5 Things I Have Learned About Coffee In My Life

J.R. Heimbigner

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Coffee is more than a drink in the morning. It is a way of life. It is a culture that envelopes entire cities across the nation. There are coffee shops on every corner in the busy city streets. Every small town in America has a diner with "that cup of coffee," and in the smaller cities, you won't be able to go a block without finding a drive-thru coffee stand.

Coffee is everywhere. It shapes society and our lives. And I love this quote about how it impacts us today:

To me, the smell of fresh-made coffee is one of the greatest inventions. — Hugh Jackman

Four years ago I learned the true meaning of coffee. It is to fuel my day after being up with a newborn in the night. Turns out, it's not only for parents with newborns. Now, we have a two-year-old and that newborn is four years old. Some mornings, like this morning, coffee is SO GOOD.

Five Parts of Coffee Culture in My Life

Coffee is an institution. Not only for the parent of small children or the worker in the cubicle. But for the world. After all, Portland, Oregon would have one less thing to talk about if there wasn't a coffee culture. Sure, they have breweries, distilleries, and the naked bike ride, but coffee tops it all.

So, these are five things that I connect with when it comes to coffee, life, culture, and the pursuit of happiness. Most of them started right here in Portland, Oregon. And of course, follow me wherever I go.

1. Keep Me Awake

This is probably one of the most important reasons. Whether it is to keep me awake at work or playing with my girls at home. The goodness of those little ground-up beans keeps me going.

2. Morning Ritual

I was really inspired by a post called the Coffee Manifesto by Stella J. McKenna. It was a fun take on the rituals and wonders of the coffee. It reminded me of the fun morning ritual I have with my little girls. Typically, if one of them gets ups with me when I make coffee, they help grind the beans and start the coffee pot. They love it and I love it.

3. Silly Spiritual Analogy

My daughter asked me about the Holy Spirit the other day. She was curious about how it works. And while my wife and I were explaining, I told her it’s like coffee. “Without coffee in the morning, we can be grumpy and tired. With coffee, we choose to be happy and awake. Holy Spirit is kind of like,” I told my daughter. She smiled and said, “oh, I understand now.”

4. Coffee Shops are Special

My daughters both love going to Starbucks with Dad when we are running errands. It's always a special event to help Dad order his coffee and get a cake pop. And our local store is so great with the girl, which helps them learn to interact with people more.

5. Something to Talk About

I love coffee. And I really enjoy coffee in certain ways. At my office, we switched from the Keurig machines to giant truck stop coffee brewing. The switch was pretty rough. So, I went out and got a personal french press and got my special bag of Guatemala Coffee. My afternoon coffee always raises conversation while I am making it.

“Coffee is a language in itself.” — Jackie Chan

But it always seems that we always want to talk about coffee shops, brands, ways to brew it. We talk about the different ways we can drink it. People are constantly arguing whether this shop is better than that shop. Or this regional coffee is better than this region. Either way, we all seem to enjoy the culture of coffee.

I sure do.

Share in the comments how you take your coffee. What is your favorite way to brew it? Where do you like to get yours from? How much are you willing to pay for a cup of coffee?

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