3 Things I Do When It Is Only Me And My Daughters

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Every so often, my wife gets to go on a weekend for herself. Sometimes it is to a special conference. Other times it is to see her sister or a dear friend. Either way, I send my wife on an adventure of her own and I stay with my sweet girls for a couple of nights of fun.

When it is just the three of us or the four of us now, we get to enjoy spending time coloring, playing, eating, and doing the things we all love to do together. Most of all, we need to keep on track with the things that kids need. Fun, excitement, food, and exercise.

So, I always plan out a few things we need to do over the weekend to wear them out, keep them fueled, and provide them with all the fun they need. On top of that, I make sure we spend a lot of time connecting and growing our relationship.

Now, I am into this fatherhood journey for just over seven years now, but each time my wife takes a trip, I feel like I am always learning something new. So, I wanted to share three things we have done on trips in the past.

Pictures to Remember

I like taking pictures of my kids. If you check out my Instagram, you will see I am trying to break the internet with pictures of my children. The sole purpose to take pictures is to have them when we are older and the girls are older. I love looking at pictures of fun things that we have done. And this is one of those memory-making experiences.

Activities to Keep the Day Moving

My girls tend to be more confrontational if they are having too much downtime. While we might watch a movie for some quiet time. Afterward, we go to the park, or color, or play with playdoh. The activities keep us moving and keep things light and entertaining.

Keeping the Fun Alive

Ultimately, our time needs to be fun. And sometimes fun can be hard. Especially with different age groups and when you don’t typically plan two or three days in a row with your kids. However, it is these times when our kids will remember those glimpses in the past. Spending time with dad. Focused time of fun and excitement. Doing things we don’t normally do.

I remember times when I would spend focused time with my dad. When would take my brother and me into the city or if we went on camping trips? When we would go on a trip for Father’s Day, we would get McDonald’s and have picnics at the strawberry farm. We are creating memories for our kids.

Final Thoughts

Fatherhood is fun, challenging, a struggle, and yet so rewarding. In fact, it has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. When my daughters tell me they love me, or snuggle in while we watch a movie, or simply give me a smile as we play it is the best.

These small escapes when it is just me and them are the best.

Not because my wife isn't there, but because we get to have special one-on-one time together. They get all of me for an entire weekend and I can give them my all. Which they deserve. These special times create memories that will last their lifetime and give us lots of opportunities to connect.

So, next time you have a chance to spend some intentional time with your kids, don't miss out on this great opportunity.

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