You Don't Have To Live A Life Of Crisis

J.R. Heimbigner

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I am on a journey to live intentionally. For years now, I have been laboring to increase my knowledge about living a life I can be proud of and one that is full. Along my journey, I have met plenty of people who do not seem to care what their purpose is in life or where they are going. They just seem to be.

This is very frustrating to me.

Along my journey, I find myself in these moments wondering how I got there. in each one of these moments I look back and find myself agreeing to live out other people’s priorities or establishing a status quo for myself.

And then, I am sitting on a deck confused about life. Or in a coffee shop wondering if this is all life is. Most recently with my head down in my cubicle, wondering if I am ever going to chase my dreams. These moments are the edge of a life crisis.

Avoiding the Life Crisis

In each one of these moments, I did one of three things. Each one of these has shaped the way I live my life today. And I am very thankful for each one of them.

1. On the Deck, Establish Goals

When sitting on the deck at a friend's lake place, I established some goals. Just a few things I wanted to accomplish in that year. Most of all, it made me think about how I could live out my life toward something more. Those initial goals changed my world for the first time. I will never regret setting goals.

2. Coffee Shop, Creating a Life Plan

In this busy, fancy coffee shop in downtown Portland, I realized goals were not enough. As I realized I could accomplish goals, but still not be going toward my desired life, I found I needed a plan. I needed a map. Like the quote above, I was wondering, but I wasn’t quite lost. I needed to have a plan. And the life plan changed my life.

3. In the Cubicle, Living My Best Life Now

My last stop on the edge of the crisis was sitting in my cubicle at work. My head was down and I wondered, ‘was this it?’ It was a defining moment for me. I have goals, I had a map, but something else was missing. It was as if I hadn’t realized what was really most important in my life. And I hadn’t decided to live my best life now. At that moment, I changed my thinking. I found I could live my best life now, on the way to my desired life.

Final Thoughts

Now we know that we don't have to live in crisis. This is strange because it seems like the world around us wants us to do this every single day. Constantly, we are bombarded with the next big crisis for the world, which makes us feel like we are right in the middle of it.

However, we don't have to be.

In fact, we shouldn't feel in crisis mode all the time. It's not good for our health. It isn't good for the way we live. And most of all, we were not made to live like that. So, it's time to stop. It's time to turn the crisis around and kick it out the door.

Because you deserve to live the life you desire.

So, today, figure out what is keeping you in crisis mode. Take the next steps to get out of that situation. Start looking for ways to step into a plan and goals that will move you toward the life you desire. Most of all, start chasing those dreams one day at a time.

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