7 Practical and Simple Ways to Achieve Your Dreams

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Your dreams are important.

They really are. Yet, many of us don’t believe it. We don’t believe our dreams are as important as our obligations or what other people think. When we do this, we lose sight of our dreams and delay them. Or worse, give up on them.

But, our dreams are important.

We deserve to see these dreams come true. It is 100% possible to achieve our wildest dreams too. For many of us though, we have been told otherwise or we believe different than this.

Not anymore.

Our Dream Property

My wife and I had this dream of living out on some property. We wanted to live in a place where our children had space to run, we had a place to make beautiful, and we didn’t have neighbors so close to us (well, maybe that was more my dream).

We were living in Portland, Oregon at the time and as we begin to chase this dream we realized that we might be able to make it happen there. We had friends and family try to encourage us, but most of the time it was discouraging advice.

Yet, we continued to chase that dream.

Today, we live on a beautiful five acres. Our daughters have a tire swing, kittens, and it is never too hot or too cold. It really is a picturesque place. We love it, our daughters love it, and it encouraged others to chase their dreams of finding the right place to live.

The funny thing is, we don’t live near Portland, Oregon anymore. In fact, we moved states in order to find this beautiful, peaceful place. Along the way, we had to face those where were killing our dreams and focus on simple steps to help move us forward.

Warning: Dream Killers

Now, we already know there are enemies of our dreams. These enemies are also known as dream killers. They try to stop us before we start, slow us down after we start, and make us give up when we are close to seeing our dream come true.

Yet, these terrible enemies cannot stop us completely. All of the dream killers can be overcome. We simply need to face them and take practical steps to work through each one. Nevertheless, we can overcome all of the dream killers.

But this is for another post. We can know that the enemies of our dreams can be overcome. Knowing this, we can take up our dreams and work to see them come true.

7 Practical and Simple Ways to Achieve Your Dreams

There are a few practical and simple things we can do every day to achieve even our wildest dreams.

You don’t need to have a complicated plan or a series of extensive goals to make your dreams happen. You only need to take action that will move you toward your goals.

Sure, there are other aspects to chasing your dreams, but don’t try to over complicate it. Simple and practical is the best way and the most effective way to see your dreams come true.

These small, but useful actions can help us take hold of our dreams and see them come true.

1-Write Down Your Dreams

Just like goal setting, it is important to write down your dreams. There are a few reasons for doing this. First, it is to help you imagine your dreams fully. What will life be like after you have achieved your dream? Where how will you feel?

Second, we write down our dreams so they become crystal clear. As we begin to write down our dreams, we will see what isn’t part of our dream, and what might be missing. This is important because it helps us know what we are chasing.

When we write down our dreams, we drastically increase our chances of seeing them come true according to this Harvard Study. Because our dreams are like goals, but to me, they are even bigger. They are life-changing.

2-Ask Yourself This Question

“Did I get 1% closer to my dreams today?”

This helps us move closer to our dreams. It also helps us keep track in a way that isn’t so mechanical but much more organic. Every time we can say we have moved closer we can celebrate. This helps encourage us on our journey.

If you don’t feel like you have, it gives you a chance to evaluate. What happened that day that kept you from moving forward? Is there anything you can change? Is there something you need to change about your dreams?

Once you have evaluated, make changes if needed, and then read that dream out loud a few times. It will reset your brain to start focusing on what you want and how to get there.

James Clear shares more about this in his post on mastering continuous improvement which I have found very helpful.

3-Break Down Your Dream

Most of the time, we have huge dreams. These dreams, when we look at them up close might seem so huge that we don’t even know where to start. Or, we aren’t even sure we can make them happen.

This is why we need to break them down.

As we find smaller ways to take steps toward our dreams it will help us move forward to get to our dreams. But it all starts with breaking them down. What can you do this year or quarter? What about this month or next?

Breaking down our dream helps intensely. But, we also need to be careful not to break it down to small. At that point, we will be chasing details and not dreams.

4-Bribe Yourself

Your dreams are good. You might think they are all the motivation you need. Oddly enough, they aren’t. This doesn’t downplay your dream, it just goes to show that you need to bribe yourself along the way.

However, you can reward yourself for milestones along the way.

When we complete significant steps it helps to have something smaller that we can celebrate with during our journey. It can look like going out to dinner with your spouse, or getting something that will contribute to your dream when you achieve it.

These little bribes or rewards help make new habits and goals toward your dreams 100% attractive. It will help to keep you chasing your dreams.

5-Take Action

The first thing you need to do to start chasing your dreams after writing them down is to start taking action right away. Don’t make any big plans, just start.

Do you want to lose 50 lbs? Go for a walk today. Do you want to start a side hustle? Read about someone who has done it. Do you want to make a few extra bucks? Find one way, and start doing it right away.

The key here is to start and then you can make some plans once you start. The initial action helps get you going in a direction that will help make your plans more clear.

Then, once we have started, created a few plans, we can start moving forward every day.

6-Get Help

Going after your dreams alone is exhausting. Most who do chase their dreams by themselves will fail and give up. We are not made to chase our dreams by ourselves.

The beautiful thing is that we have a lot of help around us. We have best friends, spouses, and other people who believe in us. These are the people we can confide in, learn from, and they will spur us on when things get hard.

These will be truth-tellers in your life.

They will share with you the important insight that will help get you to your dreams. Whether to give you new advice when you are stuck. Or to help you pivot when you are leaving the path toward your dreams.

7-Take Your Dreams Everywhere

This is one of the most important things you can do. In order to chase your dreams, you need to make sure you see your dreams wherever you go.

I take my dreams everywhere.

Whether I am at home, at work, or in the car. I have a note about my dreams on my computer and on my phone. Sometimes, when I really need a physical reminder, I have a notecard with a few words about my dreams to keep my thinking about them.

Look at your dreams often.

This will help you chase your dreams, focus on your dreams, and take action every day toward your dreams. Which is how we can achieve our wildest dreams.

Final Thought

Your dreams won’t come true on their own. They need you to obsess over them. Daydreaming doesn’t make our dreams come true. It is our focus and drives toward our dreams that will make them come true.

It’s like the quote from Walt Disney:

“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

When we have the courage, focus, and drive we can make our dreams come true. But we have to do something about our dreams. When we do, we can see that even our wildest dreams come true.

Are you ready to chase your dreams?

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