7 Ways To Make Sunday The Most Productive Day Of The Week

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You don’t have to dread the work week on Sunday.

Every Sunday I spend a little time cleaning up my work from home space. I toss out papers that I have scribbled on or get my computer, notepad, and pens in order. Sometimes, I switch out the pictures my daughters have made for me too.

I also spend a little time prioritizing my week with three to five sticky notes. I try to write down important things I must do during the week and line them along with my desk or on the wall so I will see them.

Lastly, I clean up the room I work in, putting everything away where it belongs. Then I turn off the light and leave it be until Monday morning.

Dreading Monday Starts On Sunday

While sitting with some friends this last weekend, I shared how much I love Sundays and they were shocked by this. They each told me why they hate Sunday and could not believe it was one of my favorite times of the week.

Many people around the world dread going back to work after their weekend. Whether it's because you work a job you hate or you have other things you would rather be doing, there are a lot of reasons to dread Monday starting on Sunday.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, you can enjoy Sunday as much as me. Sure, Sunday for me is a family day so it makes it easier. Yet, the reason Sunday is a good day for me is that I take 15 to 30 minutes and make it a springboard into my week.

Sunday is Your Friend

I make Sunday my ally against the Monday morning blues. I use this day to rest and recharge with my family, but I also make sure that I prepare for the week. We pick up the house a lot on Sundays, and I have my short ritual to get ready for the week.

Instead of seeing it as the dreaded day before the workweek, I spend the day enjoying the goodness in it before I start the following week.

Sunday can be a good day. One full of fun, rest, and relaxation. It can also be a day that prepares my productivity for the following week. This is why Sunday is your friend, not the evil cousin who is inviting you over only to torture you all week long.

How To Make the Most of Your Sunday

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There are seven essential parts to making the most of Sunday. The details will look different for you and me, but the ideas are the same. When we make the most of Sunday, our work week won’t turn out as hard too.

№1 — Rest

The first major thing is finding ways to rest. The more rest you get in on Sunday the better you will feel on Monday morning. This could be sleeping in or taking a nap in the afternoon. It might be reading a book or going for a run. Whatever rests your entire person (spirit, mind, body), do it.

№2 — Family

Be sure to spend the day enjoying your family. Even if you are single or your kids are out of the house, find ways to connect with your family. FaceTime instead of call or text. Play board games with your kids. Or sit down and have an afternoon coffee with your spouse to check-in and prepare for the week too.

№3 — Clean

Spend a little, stressing ‘little,’ cleaning up. Whether it is your workspace or your home. Spend a little time cleaning things up. This way you can start your work week with a fresh slate. It will bring further peace to your mind, and it will help prepare you for the messes you will make in the week to come.

№4 — Review

Spend a little time reviewing your last week. What was good from last week? What was hard? Were there things you got done that you are particularly proud of? Was there something that went terribly wrong? What can you learn from this week? Ask yourself some questions to help you make sense of the previous week.

№5 — Plan

Planning your next week is important. It doesn’t have to be overly complicated, but it doesn’t have to be super simple either. I look at the calendar to see what is coming, look at the things I need to do for the week to come, and make sure they are present so I see them every day. This little bit of planning makes me more productive.

№6 — Prepare

A lot of times on Sunday night I set out the things I need to start Monday off right. I will layout clothes for the next day, set up the coffee pot so all I have to do is press the button to start it. And I make sure my workspace is ready for me to walk right in. I prepare small victories so I can start Monday on the right foot.

№7 — Enjoy

The last thing that is essential is to do something you enjoy. Whether that is treating yourself to a coffee or pastry. Or watching a show or movie you like. It might be reading, running, or experiencing something beautiful. Do something you enjoy. This is what really makes Sunday the best day of the week.

Final Thought

There are a lot of reasons not to look forward to Sunday. But there are a lot of reasons why it can be your best day of the week. The truth of the matter is that you have to choose and then follow through with the good.

I can tell you what I do or show you what to do, but your Sunday will be good and productive only if you decide to make it that way.

If you decide that Sunday is your best day of the week, implement some of these things to help make it that way and get the most out of it. Then, you will start your work week right, feeling better, and get more done. Which will help you look forward to Sunday even more.

What are some things you do on Sunday to prepare for the week? Share in the responses below.

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