The 2020 Election Cost Us More Than You Think

J.R. Heimbigner

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I hesitated to write this story. But, I feel like there is something important to be said. This morning I woke up to see the results of the election. Turns out, things are still up in the air. Go figure.

I foolishly turned to social media to try and find some news. What I found was terrible. In fact, I was deeply saddened by what I saw. Maybe you have seen it too. Or maybe you have jumped in to be part of it too. I don’t know.

Yet, across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram people are ruthlessly and unashamedly cutting each other down. Accusations run rampant about voter fraud, who the liar is, and how the election could end people’s livelihoods.

What is worse, is it is coming from both sides of every issue, candidate support, and party.

People are shocked at how close it is. But is that surprising? After all, this has been one of the most historic voter turnouts we have ever seen. Which is great by the way, probably one of the best things to have happened in this election!

This has also been one of the most emotionally draining elections too. I know that I was excited to get my ballot and get it over with. Since I voted, I have avoided election news like the plague. Why would I want to subject myself to all of this crazy?

What If We Are Experiencing These Things Because Of Each Other?

I want to propose to you that all this stress and strain we are feeling has nothing to do with President Donald Trump or former Vice-President Joe Biden. It has nothing to do with whether you are a republican or a democrat.

What if we are experiencing these things because of the way we have talked about each other and the issues?

Hear me out for a minute. I will take us somewhere, I promise. I was thinking about it this morning at 4:00 AM when I couldn’t sleep. In fact, I feel very confident this has happened because of the people we have allowed to speak over our lives.

For instance, I have a coworker who spoke out about a specific candidate and anyone who votes for him. Her words were cutting and honestly very rude. And because it was a blanket statement, I felt cut down by them.

In the same way, I saw someone I know on Twitter trolling people who were cutting down another candidate and dropping blanket statements about their views.

The Problem: We hurt each other more than the presidential candidate or the political party or even the issues hurt us.

I think that we have done more damage to each other, our culture, and our society than anything else. In the way that we feel the ‘right’ to say what we want, we have said terrible things to each other.

And now, we are stressed out, exhausted, and worn down by this entire election.

I voted for who I voted for. You voted for who you voted for. Honestly, I can’t control you any more than you can control me. We did our civic duty and hopefully, we did our research on who to vote for and why we believe they will be a good president.

Honestly, that is all we can do.

Final Thought: Do Something Different Today

Today, I want you to go out and say something nice to someone. I want you to lift them up. If they bring up the election tell them that we are living an amazing time in our country’s history.

Don’t tear them down or fret over who is going to win.

If you are going to spend time thinking about the election today, spend it in a way that appreciates our freedom to vote, and the fact that we do have a say. And lift up others who around you who voted too.

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