A Desire To Be Productive

J.R. Heimbigner


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After you have started to climb out of the hole of unproductive thinking by adding a little bit of hope, positivity, and thankfulness to your life, you will find a desire to be productive grow inside you. As positive thinking becomes your default approach to life, you will want to do more to get back on track. This is a good place to be.

In this book, you will find the habits and tools to help you get more than halfway up the ladder of productivity success. After this book, it will be up to you to continue the climb to even greater heights.

The first rung of the ladder is the process through which you learn about bettering your productivity. In order to enter into a productive mindset, we need to learn how to move from stressed out and frustrated to a life of personal-life margin and success.

The second rung of the ladder is a desire to actually improve your productivity. Once you have gained the knowledge, you will now start to implement it. Your desire to improve your situation will take over, and you will begin to see the first fruits of what you have learned.

The third rung of the ladder is a desire to succeed in your productivity. This is the moment everything starts to change. Once you have implemented some productivity habits and started to see some improvement in your situation, a tangible shift occurs in the way you experience your situation. You have genuine motivation to succeed in your personal productivity.

The fourth rung is the point where you have seen major changes in your workflow and your habits, and you have a desire to excel even further. Finding different habits to be productive are contributing and essential to your work. You begin to experience success with your productivity.

The fifth and final rung is a desire to contribute. You are now caught up with all of your responsibilities and have time for things you want to do. This is the moment when you have the margin to actually take lunch, go home on time, and spend stress-free time with your loved ones.

Feeling like a new person, you begin to share how you have changed your productivity. You begin helping others, sharing what you have learned and contributing to the larger world around you.

I believe you can climb this ladder. It is the very same process I followed to change my life, and even today, I rely on some of these strategies to maintain my focus moving forward. This ladder is strong enough to hold the greatest burdens and tall enough to lift you from the greatest depths. It is tried and true. You will see positive outcomes with each step up.

It Was Only a Dream

When we move from an unproductive mindset to the productive mindset and climb the ladder of productivity success, we will see the world differently. We will no longer feel crippling stress that stops us from doing what we need to do. Instead, we will begin to see all the things that are possible.

Once I changed my thinking, the recurring nightmare of the elderly woman with the broom went away. After all, it was only a dream. And yet, it had such a real impact on me at the time. It was a manifestation of my unproductive mindset that I had allowed to control so many aspects of my life.

We all do this. Whether we know it or not, we allow unproductive realities to take control, and this is a major reason why we struggle and experience stress at work, stress that affects our health, families, and even our desires and dreams.

Change starts right here, right now. We must change the way we think. If we want to escape and conquer productivity, we must decide to take a different approach to our work. We must choose. I know it will be a long, hard road at first. However, when you choose to have a productive mindset, it changes everything.

Are you ready to choose a productive mindset? Let’s start to learn habits which will help you change the way you work.

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