7 Best Self-Care Gifts To Give Or Get This Season

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It's fair to say it's been a stressful time for many people this year. Now the holidays are upon us; it is time to put the year behind us and think about how we can look after ourselves best in this turbulent time. As we are more isolated than ever, it's important to pick out a gift that shows you care about your loved one's well being and health.

When giving a gift to someone close to you, you would want to pick out something relevant to them and something that you know they would use or appreciate. Everyone has someone in their lives that is very close to them who may go through a rough spot this year.

These kinds of people could be your friends, your parents, or simply even a co-worker. If you want to get them something that can help smooth out their rough spot, you don't have to spend a lot of money. As the saying goes, it is the thought that counts. This year, it comes down to thoughtful touches to say you care.

This holiday season, take good care of yourself and others with these unique finds. Here you will find your self-care needs covered with the best self-care gift ideas you can find this season. There are some self-care Christmas ideas here for every budget.

1. Silk Pillowcase


It's long been known that silk pillowcases are good for your skin, but as they are purchased separately from most sheet sets, they can be overlooked when buying for yourself.

Silk pillowcases are not only good for your skin on your face but also for your hair. It does not damage the follicles during your sleep. The cool silk also promotes a calm and relaxing sleep.

The reason why silk can help your skin is because of the amino acids in silk. This amino acid of silk, called sericin, is known for its moisturizing properties. Sericin is also rumored to have anti-oxidation and anti-UV radiation qualities. The best thing? With a silk pillowcase, it all happens while you sleep.

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2. Weighted Blanket


Occupational therapists have been using weighted blankets for a long time before they recently hit the mainstream. Now they are the must-have sleep accessory that has been associated with reducing anxiety, insomnia, and depression.

How do they work? The standard weighted blanket has quilted pockets in the fabric filled with glass beads or plastic pellets. The pockets over the blanket distribute the weight evenly. The idea is that they mimic the pressure of human touch. Some people say they are like having a hug. The serotonin released from feeling "hugged" can help you feel happy and calm. It also stops movement during the night, so you get a better night's sleep. The best ones start at around $100 +.

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3. A Monthly Flower Subscription


Who doesn't love fresh flowers in the house? It's a great way to freshen up a room, but it's often the last thing on a shopping list. Fresh flowers are a real treat for most people. It's not just the perfume that is uplifting, but the colors and even the association with love.

Why not give the gift of fresh flowers every month through a subscription. There are flower companies who will put together a beautiful bunch for you and send it every month to your loved one for a year. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

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4. Cashmere Socks


Everyone loves socks for Christmas. Whoever says they don't like socks for Christmas perhaps hasn't had the right ones. What about the most luxurious and softest type of sock made of Cashmere.

Cashmere socks are the definition of self-care and make a wonderful gift for men and women. When the weather turns miserable in the new year, cashmere socks will comfort your toes and keep your loved ones toasty.

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5. Bath Oils


What's not to love about the idea of a spa day—especially if it's for someone else. This year, in many areas, spas have been closed due to the Coronavirus. But it doesn't mean you can't have your own "mini-spa" day at home. Indulge in some me-time, without having to make the trip.

Bath oils are essential for the spa-day at home effect. They nourish the skin and delight the senses. Add a candle, and there will be many stressed-out friends and family who will thank you for it during the year.

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6. A Journal


There are many beautifully-designed journals online, especially from museums and art galleries. This year, museums have many gifts to make up for a lost year from being closed. A journal is a perfect gift for someone who likes to write. Or wants a little time to understand themselves better.

Not only does putting down your ideas every day give more clarity, but it also promotes a little precious me-time. Five minutes with a cup of coffee in the morning, and many find it helps to practice more gratitude and get more organized. Psychologists believe it can also give us the tools to deal with our psychological problems and work out our own solutions and goals.

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7. Money Plant


This year has seen a rise in popularity for indoor plants. The Chinese Money Plant is perfect for even the novice plant parent. It's effortless to look after and won't wilt easily.

Whether it will bring your loved ones, more money is up for debate. Some Chinese Feng Shui experts believe the round leaves, which look like coins, bring good luck to houses in the room's right area. They believe the feng shui energy can flow seamlessly without any blockages. If you want more money in 2021, then it's worth a try!

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Final Thoughts

These are everyday essentials. If you know someone who has had a difficult year, you know that some of these little luxuries can be expensive. They aren't always happy to admit to needing them, either. But these self-care gifts - for every budget - will mean a lot to your friends and loved ones. They are thoughtful gifts they will love throughout the year.

  • Silk Pillowcase
  • Weighted Blanket
  • Monthly Flower Subscription
  • Cashmere Socks
  • Bath Oils
  • A Journal
  • Chinese Money Plant

Whether it’s your parents, your sister, or your colleagues, we all know someone who’s constantly running around after other people. These gifts promote a little bit of luxury and "me time" that they will appreciate in the holiday season. Once you have sorted out the gifts, make sure you give yourself the gift of self-care this year. #nbholidaycheer

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