Travel Restrictions are the Most Popular Travel Blog Topic Right Now

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2020 has been a weird time for bloggers, influencers, and pretty much anyone else who makes money from the travel and leisure industry. Like so many others we’ve had to pivot in order to survive. For me that has meant writing about state travel bans, domestic travel bans, international travel bans and other COVID related travel restrictions. So much so that my most popular blog post for July was all about the Maine Travel Restrictions imposed on the people of Massachusetts.

Let’s explore why this was the case and how I used Google Trends to turn a nasty situation into a turn around for my humble travel blog.

Maine Travel Restrictions

In July, the state of Maine was the first New England state to impose strict travel restrictions on surrounding states.

According to, the Maine state government’s “Keep Maine Healthy” plan was put in place to “protect Maine people, protect visitors, and support Maine small businesses by reducing, to the greatest extent possible, COVID-19 risks associated with travel.” There plan looks like this:

  1. Testing that encourages all visitors to “know before you go”
  2. Screening for symptoms among travelers
  3. Engaging Maine communities to promote COVID-19-prevention best practices and public health education.

Essentially, if you want to visit Maine from a state that is not exempt from these rules, you need a negative COVID test before entering the state. A month ago these rules were shocking to the people of Massachusetts as they make up most of Maine’s summertime visitors. This shock caused thousands of people to hit Google with search queries geared around understanding these restrictions.

Google Trends

As a travel blogger based in Massachusetts, Maine is usually a summer destination of mine and in fact it was the first out of state destination that my husband and I visited since the lockdowns in March. However, we visited in June before their domestic travel restrictions. But when I started posting photos on Instagram in early July I was inundated with questions from my followers about the new rules so I quickly wrote a blog post on the topic to answer their questions.

I also validated this hunch that the post would do well by checking out Google Trends. Google Trends is a free tool where you can see what topics are trending at any given time. This is what the search trend looks like for Maine Travel Restrictions.

As you can see it was a breakout search term in late June and July, just as I posted my article.

How to Write Content With SEO in Mind

Typically, as a travel blogger I am always thinking about how to write seasonal content so I can ride the popular searches to get more visitors to my site. For example, I start posting holiday content in November as people are shopping for gifts and planning holidays trips and i write summer getaway stories in May and June as people are searching for ideas on where to go that summer. However, these days people are searching for information on domestic travel restrictions and international travel restrictions within the travel niche, so I have had to pivot to that.

While this is an unfortunate fact, the only way to win blogging is to follow the searches and give people informative, interesting, relevant content within my niche. And right now it’s all about dealing with COVID travel restrictions.

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