How To Remodel Your Curb for Lawn Appeal

J. Michael Pitts
How To Remodel Your Curb for Lawn AppealPhoto byEdit Mike Pitts

Your front lawn is one of the first things people see when visiting your home, or riding through your neighborhood. Did you know that front lawn tickets are one of the first tickets handed out by most villages during early Spring when weeds begin to get out of control.

There is a reason why. Critters hide in bushes, weeds, and tall grass. We are not talking the small critter eithers. In other words, skunks, possums, raccoons, snakes, etc. In effort to avoid sending someone to the emergency room due to infected scratches and bites, many villages enforce lawn care.

Some of the best ways to keep curb appeal not only for safety but also for home value is maintaining the lawn.

You should make sure that there are no visible weeds, and you’ll want to keep the garden trimmed so it looks nice from a distance. It’s also wise to maintain any outdoor features like pools or decks, making sure they are clean and tidy for showings or street view.

Some items to give a popping look to your home include lanterns, and pottery barn for the Spring and Summers. For the Fall and Winters, think Garlands and lights.

Furthermore, keeping your front and back lawn appeal clean and rid of clutter avoids many accidents that most insurance companies would love to not have to pay for. Steer clear of icy patches, uneven concrete, and huge logs to save time and money from complaints and damages.

We hope this helps with some remodeling for lawn appeal. As always follow for more home tips.

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