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San Diego's Worsening Rent Crisis Introduces Housing Uncertainty for School Age Kids

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San Diego's Youngest School Aged Residents Are Overlooked by San Diego's Peaking Rents.
As Rents Continue to Creep Upwards, San Diego's Children Are Suffering.@kiwitanya via Twenty20

San Diego is in the midst of a housing crisis. During the pandemic there were not nearly enough dwelling units to meet the demand for the number of San Diegans looking for a roof over their heads.

As a result of this supply shortage, in addition to other factors, housing prices, for rent and to buy, have spiked. The average rent of a one-bedroom apartment in San Diego has broken the $2,000 per month average.
A 1-Bedroom Apartment Now Costs More Than $2,000 Per

While this has been damaging to San Diegans in general, it has been especially hard on single parents and their children. In addition to having to find housing for themselves and their children, they have to deal with apartment owners who are selling older buildings to developers in order to construct new high rise condo projects in local neighborhoods.

Local teachers report discussing the issue with parents who are literally in tears.

As the disappointing results of California's foster care system has shown us, kids require stability and continuity to succeed. That's success in school and in life in general. The disruption faced by having to move several times due to unstable housing is damaging to kids from all walks of life.

For his part, Mayor Todd Gloria is committed to making housing in San Diego more affordable. While the focus has been largely on the homeless population, affordable housing impacts all financially vulnerable populations. Including children.

Assembly Member Chris Ward (D-78) has introduced AB1771, a proposed tax on short-term real estate developers, or "flippers."

The idea is that by disincentivizing these quick projects, developers will take a longer term view towards housing affordability and sustainability in California. While almost everyone agrees that housing prices are currently untenable, it isn't clear how much support AB1771 has in the legislature at this time.

What is clear is that a solution, wherever it comes from, is necessary for San Diego's long term interests. Especially San Diego's kids.

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