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Local Bobcats Increasing Threat to Local San Diego Pets

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Bobcats Like to Call San Diego Canyon's Home, But They Are Having an Increasing Impact on Our Furry Friends.
Bobcats are out in numbers along San Diego's open spaces.@photog84 via Twenty20

If you've noticed more missing pet posters going up on San Diego telephone poles, local bobcats may be to blame.

In addition to an uptick in coyote activity causing headaches for neighbors with pets along San Diego's open spaces and canyons, residents are now having to contend with bobcats. These predators may resemble normal house cats, but they are far from it.

Normally bobcats live further east in San Diego County's rural areas. For example, these stealthy little felines are plentiful in the Anza Borrego desert, but they have been known to come further west along the waterways and canyons that pierce the heart of San Diego's urban core.

Another factor driving the cats toward populated areas is the easy and abundant food sources they can find. Bobcats aren't extremely particular in their choice of meal. They primarily eat rabbits, squirrels, rats, and other small rodents. This means that our smaller dogs and house cats are also unfortunately on the menu.

Deterring Bobcats From Your Yard

According to animal shelters, while these hunters do pose a threat to the furry friends, they are skittish and would prefer to avoid interacting with humans.

Similar to the advice about coyotes, keeping your yard free of brush and woodpiles helps. Without a place to hide, bobcats rarely venture into yards to hunt.

If they do enter your yard, scaring them with noise, such as an air horn, is the preferred method since it does no permanent damage to the animal. Most of the time, an interaction is the result of a mistake humans have made, keeping the environment clean and free from debris.

Experts also recommend feeding your pets indoors and keeping them inside overnight.

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