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Treat Yourself At These 5 Outdoor Haunts After the South Park Dog Park - San Diego, CA

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Spring Is In the Air and You Deserve a Little Respite At These Dog Friendly Bars and Eateries After a Year in Lockdown

Now that Spring has sprung, tell me you're not looking for a quick place to stop in and get a little "me time" after a jaunt at a South Park Dog Park.

Ah, South Park.

Its eclectic atmosphere lends itself to anyone who has an interest in the arts or politics. Its quaint clothing boutiques and tiny coffee shops attract those looking for a special something. And its close proximity to Balboa Park makes it a must-see destination for any tourist.

Yep, we’re talking about South Park, that hipster enclave of San Diego. It’s easy to fall in love with this little urban village of ours, but there’s another reason why many people can’t seem to stay away from our very own SoPo: the fact that it is damn dog friendly, especially when it comes to eateries.

While nearly every restaurant in the area caters to dogs and their human. Here are several of my favorites.

1. The Station Tavern and Burgers

Address: 2204 Fern Street San Diego CA 92104

Hours: 11am - 10pm (subject to COVID-19 restrictions)

It's hard to talk about a South Park Dog Park without mentioning the Station Tavern and Burgers. After Grape Street and Morley Field, The Station is basically an honorary third South Park dog park.

They serve basic fare based around burgers. You can switch that up with a grilled cheese, black bean burger, turkey, or hot dog if you're feeling particularly cheeky.

The atmosphere is what really sells the Station. Even before the city relaxed outdoor seating requirements, it was one of the few places in town you could enjoy a beer in a dog and family friendly outdoor atmosphere. Not only are they dog friendly, but guys, if you're looking for dad friendly play dates, give the Station a look.

2. South Park Brewing Company

Address: 1517 30th Street San Diego CA 92104

Hours: 4pm - 9pm (subject to COVID-19 restrictions)

The South Park brewing company is a relatively recent addition to this list, having only opened in 2015. Since that time the menu has gone through a few iterations, but the staple fish tacos are sure to please. Since it is a brewing company after all, the focus is more on enjoying a pint with your pooch after an afternoon at the dog park.

They have won some recent accolades for those beers, so plan ahead.

3. Del Sur Mexican Cantina

Address: 2310 30th Street San Diego CA 92104

Hours: 4pm - 8pm (subject to COVID-19 restrictions)

It's a shock that Del Sur is the only Mexican restaurant to make the list, but they do a phenomenal job representing. San Diego and Mexican food go together like chips and salsa for obvious reasons. A cerveza and two tacos can't be topped. Unless your furry friend is getting in on the action.

Del Sur recently expanded their outdoor seating patio under the city's amended COVID ordinance which is great news because their patio was almost non existent before the pandemic. Now Del Sur makes perfect sense as a post South Park dog park way station on your way home.

Del Sur is active on social media as well, so you'll always know the latest happenings. I suggest you give them a follow.

4. Thorn Street Brewing Company

Address: 3176 Thorn Street San Diego CA 92104

Hours: 3pm - 9pm (subject to COVID-19 restrictions)

While not technically in South Park, Thorn Street Brewing Company has to be on the list of the best places to take your dog for a pint after visiting a South Park dog park. They sit in a sort of no man's land between South park and North Park, plus they sponsor the South Park / North Park chili cook off, so they're getting a pass.

While their South Park credentials might be in question, their affinity for neighborhood dogs is not in doubt. At Thorn, everyone's family.

Thorn's future looks very bright as they plan to open new locations and eateries to expand their already award-winning menu of libations.

5. Fernside

Address: 1946 Fern Street San Diego CA 92104

Hours: 4pm - 9pm (subject to COVID-19 restrictions)

Fernside took over from the infamous South Park Abbey a short while before COVID-19 upended the restaurant world. After remodeling the entire space and changing the ambiance considerably there was concern about how Fernside would fit into the neighborhood.

Safe to say they have been welcomed with open arms.

The fare has been stepped up, but wings remain on the menu, and, best of all, they are as welcoming to our canine companions as South Park has been to them. That's nice.

The patio space has been improved considerably since the glorified smoking patio at the Abbey, so do stop in with your for legged friend after visiting the South Park dog park on Grape street.


South Park in San Diego is notoriously dog friendly. Show me a business that isn't “dog friendly” in South Park and I will show you a business out of business.

Why? Because there is no place like South Park to be with your dog. No matter what part of the day it is, whether its morning, afternoon or evening, there are always other dogs around to greet your pooch.

And not just other dogs, people as well. Stop by and say hi. Or bark. Either way.

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