7 Quick Ways Accountability Is The Key To Your Confidence

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If you find yourself lacking confidence, you're not alone.

Every person goes through bouts of low confidence, sometimes for legitimate reasons and sometimes just because of how he or she is wired. And in most cases, you can't really control this type of confidence issue. But if you want to get to the next level in your career, or find that special someone you've been dreaming of for years, then you're going to need to pick up the pieces and find a replacement for the confidence you once had.

Since you've invested a lot in your business, building confidence is a worthwhile investment. You need confidence to deliver better results. To see results you need confidence. How do you build confidence?

Here are 5 ways to get you started.

The Key Is Accountability

You should always be able to hold yourself accountable for the actions that are better and more effective ways to handle stress. If you don't, you'll become too stressed and lose the ability to deliver results. Accountability keeps you focused and prevents you from becoming disoriented.

Accountability keeps you focused and prevents you from becoming disoriented.

Accountability can be something you achieve in a simple way; through writing, however, having someone hold you accountable for your actions can be helpful. Holding yourself accountable keeps you from looking at things in "random" ways, from not being in control. Holding yourself accountable helps you create a more structured environment.

An Accountability Partner Keeps You Honest.

It's a bit like having a high school homework assignment. You're not just supposed to do the assignment, but in doing the assignment you're encouraged to achieve certain goals. A good accountability partner can help you create the working environment you want to attract.

Accountability can be achieved in many ways. Accountability partners can help you organize and hold accountable the factors that you simply cannot do on your own. Accountability can be achieved through a system of cards, through having a coach, or simply having a friend hold you accountable. How you choose to organize accountability is up to you.

The important part is that you're in charge of the system or you won't do it. You're the only one who can organize the cards to your benefit.

Get Outside Yourself

Accountability is not just something you achieve by writing down our thoughts, however, when you're in charge of writing down your thoughts, you can have greater integrity. You will have something written that is a true representation of your true views. The last thing you want to do is to be holding yourself back because you wrote down something that you didn't believe.

Write down your thoughts in a place you'll be around a lot, which is not public. It's not your personal journal; you can choose to have it in your car or your house. Have a password. Make sure your thoughts are always in a place where you'll be around a lot. We need to know that these thoughts are true, otherwise, the value of accountability is negated.

The Time Value of Brutal Honesty

The time you spend on accountability is important. Accountability partners can help you understand what motivates you. We all have different motivation factors in us, however, in order to fully understand yourself, you need to have people to hold you accountable on your actions. It's not always easy to be accountable for yourself.

You need people to help you track what you're doing and what you're not doing. You need people to help you set goals for you. We all love to brag about ourselves. You may be great at your job, but sometimes, you don't want the boss to know how hard you've worked. In order to give yourself the power to be accountable, you need people to hold you accountable.

The Relationship is Reciprocal

In order to keep yourself in check, you need people to be accountable to you.

In order to have a true commitment to accountability, it's best to work with people who are in the same mindset. If you're in a business where people ask customers to pay for the work they've done, then you should work with people who believe in customer satisfaction and want to provide good service.

We all have a tendency to brag about ourselves, however, if you're giving false information, then you need people to hold you accountable. You shouldn't just blindly go about your daily business if you are unable to do the job correctly. We all have a tendency to brag about what we can do. It's just in our nature. You should expect the same from the people you work with, and from what you work on.

Work With Better People

Being in the same mindset with your clients should help you to have better communication and, in turn, better communication supports your work. They have a similar mindset regarding what they want. When you develop strong relationships, you get the best out of yourself and the other person. Your ability to reach a desired result increases and your clients will enjoy working with you. I have met several people who are really great at communication, however, when I meet them in real life, they don't enjoy talking to people.

Take A Genuine Interest in Others

Why is this the case?

They are just unaware of what they're doing. In the real world, we can't just be ignorant of what we're doing. We need to be aware of what we're doing. If we are unaware, then we don't have the self confidence and self confidence is the key in motivating people to be accountable. It is when we are accountable that we are truly motivated to be accountable.

People are motivated to be accountable because they are aware of the damage they do when they are unaccountable. When we are not accountable, we play the blame game. The blame game keeps us stuck in our place and does not really motivate us to be accountable.

We forget that the people we work with and work for are doing the same thing we are doing, just with different tools and techniques. You could say we have become like them. That is exactly what happens when we are not accountable. We become their sworn enemy, and we become their sworn friend. And thus we are at war with ourselves and what we have become in the process. Accountability works as a motivator as it does as a deterrent.


We can all learn from the mistakes that others make. But we need to take the necessary steps to become better. We need to become accountable. The most important thing is how we correct ourselves. We need to become aware of how we react when we are not accountable. We need to learn from that.

Accountability works as a motivator as well as it does a deterrent.

It is not just for the people we work with to have the habit of being accountable. We need to teach our children the same. We need to set an example for our kids when we become accountable. We need to teach our kids the importance of being accountable for their actions. And we need to make them understand the same when we become accountable for ourselves.

Accountability is an important element in having self respect.

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