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A World of Wonder at Robert is Here

J.M. Lesinski
A shot of the front entrance of Robert is Here fruit stand in Homestead, Florida.Photo byPhoto by J.M. Lesinski

For over sixty years now, Robert is Here fruit stand and market in Homestead, Florida has been an icon as both a gateway to the Everglades and for their truly incredible and unique beverage offerings. Referred to online as the ‘Disney World of fruit stands,’ Robert is Here is quite a world all its own with the amazing variety they have to offer.

The cornerstone products at Robert is Here are the milkshakes and smoothies. Diners can choose up to three fruits to combine to make their own concoction with many exotic options hard to find anywhere else. The tanginess of the fruits is perfectly complemented by the creamy, years-perfected blend of milk and other ingredients.
A mango, orange, and pineapple smoothie from Robert is Here fruit stand.Photo byPhoto by J.M. Lesinski

The full range of fruits available for shakes and smoothies include banana, blackberry, black sapote, blueberry, canistel, cantaloupe, cherry, chocolate, coconut, coffee, dragon fruit, guanabana, guava, key lime, jackfruit, mamey, mango, orange, Oreo, papaya, passion fruit, pineapple, sapodilla, strawberry, and tamarind, with certain other seasonal specialties rotating in on occasion as well.

“Nothing beats a day in the heat like a milkshake,” said local Florida resident Pete Garrett. “They have darn near every fruit on the face of the earth here to choose from too. I love it. Where else are you going to get a dragonfruit and jackfruit milkshake without hopping on an airplane? Nowhere I can think of.”

For anybody looking for a sandwich to go with their shake, the Cuban is a must-try. For dessert, the key lime pie and soft serve ice cream are both options sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

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