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Flavor Pockets Perfected at Dumpling King

J.M. Lesinski
A shot of the front entrance of Dumpling King in Pembroke Pines, Florida.Photo byPhoto by J.M. Lesinski

The complexity and craftsmanship of soup dumplings continues to exemplify the sheer artistry one can bring to cuisine. For out of this world good dumplings, at a price that will not break the bank, head on down to Dumpling King in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

The Shanghai style steamed soup dumplings are the perfect texture and composition to be the vehicle for the rich and savory broth within. Each bite of pillowy goodness is the appropriate level of starch, while the meat adds the right level of salt too. One could eat these until one bursts they are so good and flavorful.
The steamed soup dumplings from Dumpling King.Photo byPhoto by J.M. Lesinski

For fried dumplings, that same perfect texture is crisped up golden brown and downright delicious. The fried dumplings are available in pork, beef, and vegetable options, as well as a chives, pork, and shrimp variety that is the perfect amalgamation of savory pork and succulent shrimp goodness.

Main entrees feature many excellent renditions of traditional Chinese staples, like sesame chicken, honey garlic chicken, and a wide variety of stir fry plates. The spicy hot pot is one such dish, teeming with fresh ingredients amid a boiling concoction of spices that is sure to leave one sweating if eaten too quickly. Savor each bite, the way it is meant to be enjoyed.

For the noodle-lovers, Dumpling King offers some of the best in the South Florida area too. The seafood udon is a wealth of goodness from the sea, while the cold noodles with sesame sauce are a must-try for any first-timer, especially those who have never had cold noodles in general. The unique mix of temperature and texture is truly innovative.

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