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The Future is Now at Koizi Endless Gourmet Grill & Sushi

J.M. Lesinski
The ginger salad from Koizi in Royal Palm Beach, Florida.Photo byPhoto by J.M. Lesinski

For an all-you-can-eat sushi experience that is sure to leave one mind-blown, Koizi Endless Gourmet Grill in Royal Palm Beach, Florida is the best of the best. The gorgeous ambience and massive menu are sure to please any diner of any age, while it is also one of only a few places currently utilizing robot waiters, giving it a sleek and modern touch too.
The pink lady roll from Koizi.Photo byPhoto by J.M. Lesinski

The pink lady roll is one of Koizi’s signature dishes, featuring lovely light pink soy paper wrapping around tempura shrimp and a California roll, with a spicy mayo topping. The melody of flavors is divine, with the freshness of the avocado coming through brilliantly, and just a hint of heat with the spicy mayo.
The tempura roll from Koizi.Photo byPhoto by J.M. Lesinski

For fans of deep-fried sushi, the tempura roll is packed full of savory flavor, featuring spicy Kani inside and a topping of sweet and sticky eel sauce for the perfect finishing bite. The dynamite roll is an excellent choice too, also topped with eel sauce, and containing salmon, cream cheese, krab, and spicy mayo.
The house ramen from Koizi.Photo byPhoto by J.M. Lesinski

The house ramen is an exemplary soup dish, featuring shrimp, tripe, and chicken in a wholesome broth with just a touch of spice. The noodles are excellent too, the perfect texture and size for big portions each bite.
The chicken katsu from Koizi.Photo byPhoto by J.M. Lesinski

Any appetizer on the menu is sure to be exquisite, but a personal favorite is the chicken katsu. The panko crust is perfectly crispy, while the white sauce drizzle adds the ideal balance of tangy and smooth. The chicken gyoza is incredible too, fried up just right on the outside, with an explosion of fresh crunchy greens inside.
The chicken gyoza from Koizi.Photo byPhoto by J.M. Lesinski

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