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The Puzzle Lounge Experience

J.M. Lesinski

A shot of the front entrance of The Puzzle Lounge in Jamestown, New York.Photo by J.M. Lesinski

Ambience and good service means everything in a bar, and one Jamestown, New York institution continues to provide the best in both, alongside the best chicken wings in town. The Puzzle Lounge is truly one-of-a-kind, with a mellow, laid-back atmosphere accompanied by the tunes of Pink Floyd, The Doors, and Jimi Hendrix just to name a few, while the pool table is seemingly always open for a quick game.

A shot of the pool table at The Puzzle Lounge.Photo by J.M. Lesinski

The chicken wings at Puzzle Lounge are known far and wide for being the biggest, best quality money can buy. The hot sauce is the perfect balance of spice and butter, while the BBQ is tangy and just a little sweet. The Puzzle’s take on a ‘kitchen sink’ sauce, with every sauce in the house in one delicious concoction, is mind-blowingly amazing.

A shot of the chicken wings from The Puzzle Lounge.Photo by J.M. Lesinski

For bar sides, you have four amazing options, five if you include the chicken tenders – which stand up to the wings in terms of heartiness and flavor. The waffle fries are always a solid choice, plentiful and fried up fresh. The steak fries are hearty, sure to fill you up, and above all – they are soggy-resistant, unlike most other restaurant steak fries out there.

A personal favorite is the deep-fried mushrooms. The portions have not gone down over the years and the side of bleu cheese is the perfect accompaniment. Each bite is a burst of flavor, earthy and crunchy through and through. A close second favorite is the onion chips, a more ‘pop-able’ take on onion rings that is equally crispy and delicious.

For burger-lovers, the Puzzle Lounge does a classic hamburger, and cheeseburger for seventy-five cents more. The char flavor from the grill is in perfect harmony with the fresh bun and patty, alongside the hand-cut toppings at your request. In terms of other handhelds, the Puzzle is also known for their pizza, particularly their scrumptiously balanced pizza sub.

“I am so happy the Puzzle made it through the pandemic,” said local Jamestown resident Geraldine Williams of the Puzzle Lounge. “They are a staple in this community, and they without a doubt have the best wings in town.”

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