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Jim’s Restaurant Brings the Value and the Flavor

J.M. Lesinski
A shot of the front entrance of Jim's Restaurant in Cheektowaga, New York.Photo by J.M. Lesinski

When it comes to amazing value for portions, Jim’s Restaurant just off the 90 in Cheektowaga, New York has it down to a science. Jim’s is famous for being one of the few 24-hour restaurants in South Buffalo, as well as for their amazing prices for big helpings of classic American food.

One of the most iconic offerings at Jim’s is the pastrami cheeseburger, a third of a pound, charbroiled patty with tender pastrami, Swiss cheese, mustard, and a pickle. The savory elements of this beautiful creation are all in tune, the pastrami melts in one’s mouth. Even more savory, the price, which is easily half of what one would pay for pastrami anywhere else in Western New York.

The Jim’s burger is your standard double with staple ingredients of lettuce, pickled onions, and tomato. Again, for the price alone the value is great, but then the little things pop out too. The pickled onions are an amazing little burst of flavor all their own, and the charbroil smokiness really comes out in each bite too.

Pastas at Jim’s are all solid, served with soup and salad, and the same low-price satisfaction. The chicken parmesan comes with Swiss cheese and a rich Italian meat sauce, as well as spaghetti garlic toast for a satisfying crunch. The veal parmesan follows suite, tender and superbly spiced with that hearty blend of sauce.

For the salad-fan, the Chef’s salad is a royal sampler of deli specialties, featuring ham, turkey, roast beef, Swiss and American cheeses, tomatoes, and a hard-boiled egg to top it all off. Hot or cold, Jim’s brings the flavors for a value that cannot be beat.

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