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The Fresh Blends of Mango Mango

J.M. Lesinski

A shot of the front entrance of Mango Mango inside Asia Food Market in Buffalo, New York.Photo by J.M. Lesinski

One of the nation’s most innovative dessert chains has found a home for themselves right here in Western New York. Located inside Asia Food Market (AFM) on Niagara Falls Boulevard in Buffalo, New York, Mango Mango features unique frozen and sweet offerings like sago, assorted jellies, and mochi that cannot be found anywhere else.

The special mango juice sago and pomelo is a highlight for certain, featuring a delightfully sweet mango ice cream alongside the spongy flavors of the sago. The snow-white mango juice is another sweet, nectary drink creation that comes with red beans for a nice touch of texture.

“I think we are super lucky to actually have a Mango Mango here in Buffalo,” said regular shopper AFM Jeremy McDermott. “The locations are all so random and scattered across the United States. You can get ice cream anywhere, but stuff like lychee jelly and all their juices are super iconic to them.”

For fans of ice cream as the feature bite, any of the sundaes from Mango Mango are sure to please. A personal favorite, the Triple Ice Cream Delight, features a mix of green tea, vanilla, and mango ice creams with a light drizzling of chocolate syrup. The blend of all three is a nice earthy and sweet mix topped off nicely with the smooth notes of chocolate.

The waffle ice cream sandwich is a must-try for any waffle fanatics out there. The shell has the perfect crunch to go with the sugary bite of the ice cream, which is available in mango, green tea, vanilla, coconut, or durian. For those who have always wanted to give durian a try, this is honestly one of the best ways to introduce yourself to the unique love-it or hate-it flavor.

Make sure to try the crepes at Mango Mango too. With flavors like mango Nutella, durian, and strawberry banana Nutella on deck with several ice cream flavors to choose from for a finish, the crepes are a whirlwind of hot and cold sweet tastiness.

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Buffalo, NY

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