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Buffalo Wing Kings, Bold and True

J.M. Lesinski

A shot of the front entrance of Wing Kings in Buffalo, New York.Photo by J.M. Lesinski

To open a restaurant called Wing Kings in Buffalo, New York is a bold move, no matter how you slice it. Buffalo Wing Kings, located on Elmwood Avenue in the heart of Buffalo, has certainly earned their name though, through their amazingly crispy wings and quite possibly the best variety of both classic and new innovations in sauces.

There are so many unique and amazing flavors at Wing Kings it is hard to know where to begin. Breaking them down by category, there are four different kinds of flavors to choose from: dry rub, wet, Asian-inspired, and dessert-style.

Dry rubs are, as the name implies, dry and crispy with a heavy spice presence on the surface of the wing – which makes for an amazing taste experience. Wet-style wings are the traditional pub style of preparation, with the wings dunked or slathered in a viscous sauce that runs all over and demands a taste right off one’s fingers it is so good. Asian-inspired and dessert-style are a mix of both, with extra sauces included with both, and a fortune cookie with the Asian-inspired.

The Cajun dry rub wings from Buffalo Wing Kings.Photo by J.M. Lesinski

Wing King’s Cajun dry rub is an excellent balance of spice and savory, greatly enhanced by the crispiness of the wing itself. Fans of pepper will probably prefer the dry rubs for that reason too, especially the Old Bay, Ranch, and Italian flavors. The Adobo, Garlic & Herb, and Taco flavors are all superb too, but the Lemon Pepper is a standout – the ideal balance of sweet and salty.

Wet sauce counterparts to their same name dry rub flavors, like Adobo and Garlic & Herb, primarily take on more butter – the true hallmark of a good buffalo wing sauce. All the staple flavors, hot, medium, mild, and BBQ, are really perfected in their form at Wing Kings.

In terms of the most popular sauces, 911 and Jamaican Jerk are always at the top of the list, sometimes even sold out before the dinner rush. General Tso and Teriyaki really bring the best example of spicy and smokey flavors with a soy sauce base. Carolina Gold deserves a shout out for being one of the prettiest wing sauces ever, while the Chiavettas is another awesome take on iconic Buffalo cuisine.

The BBQ hot wings from Buffalo Wing Kings.Photo by J.M. Lesinski

Wet sauces can really pack in more flavor because of their composition and many people prefer them for that reason. Wing King’s wet sauce combinations like BBQ Hot, Salt & Vinegar, and Honey Garlic, really pack a punch in the flavor department particularly. A personal favorite sauce and one of the purest Buffalo things ever, BBQ Loganberry, captures the sweetness of Loganberry with Wing King’s signature BBQ unlike anything anyone has ever tried before.

For anyone who does not believe dessert wings could be good, never judge a book by its cover. The PB & J wings are still the perfect compliment of nutty and sweet like the iconic sandwich, while any of the breakfast cereal wings are sure to be a pleasant surprise in depth of flavor. Whatever one’s mood, Wing Kings most definitely has a flavor to pair perfectly with it.

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Buffalo, NY

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