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Bass Terminal Halloween 2021 A Big Hit

J.M. Lesinski

The Dungeon room at the Bass Terminal Halloween 2021 concert at Buffalo Grill N Ale House.Photo by J.M. Lesinski

Halloween came a little bit early this year for some lucky local ravers in Buffalo, New York. Bass Terminal Halloween 2021 took place over the weekend at Buffalo Grill N Ale House, bringing in a dozen talented DJs who spun from eight in the evening up until four in the morning at the local favorite locale.

The pre-Halloween weekend electronic dance music event allowed ravers and all those who enjoy the electronic genre a chance to attend a miniature festival in essence, as the event boasted three stages, even housing a local’s only DJ booth in the bar area of Buffalo Grill N Ale House. The eight-hour event was made possible by Bass Terminal Events, Deep Rebel Recordings, and Vibe Emissions.

“I love the Bass Terminal events in Buffalo because we really are kind of an electronic dance music desert unfortunately,” said local Buffalonian attendee Kyle Evans. “The underground scene here is as big as it is because the city of Buffalo just never gets the big name DJs. We do not really have our own music festivals either, but these events really make up for it.”

The first of the two rooms, The Dungeon, offered up more experimental artists alongside the primarily deep dub sound. Artists who played The Dungeon included Bila, BooZ, Nnamba, Kodiak, Chief Kaya, and Vibe Emissions. Merging the big bass sound of dubstep with the intense rhythms more commonly found in other electronic genres, the room was bouncing throughout the evening.

The second of the two rooms, The House of Illusions, was where dubstep lived and breathed for the course of the night. Artists who played the House of Illusions included Deadlast, Bizen, Omnium, Fe’netiks, Wavy Jones, and Jkyl & Hyde. Those in the House of Illusions were also privy to some amazing wall art featuring glow in the dark elements and black light elements.

The House of Illusions room at Bass Terminal Halloween 2021.Photo by J.M. Lesinski

“Wavy Jones is the best,” Evans also remarked. “I believe they also have an event next Friday out in Akron, New York if anyone is interested. I just really love the music and the sound they put out. I honestly love all the artists here, I feel like I have seen them all before, so I would definitely say I feel right at home here.”

The third room was in fact the main part of the bar at Buffalo Grill N Ale House. A DJ booth was set up just past the main entrance of the bar, surrounded by vendors and booths as any live recording space should. Music on the main floor was a definitive mix of both rooms, leaning perhaps a little closer on the dubstep side of things, and always the first stop for those coming in late.

“When it comes to dubstep music, the more bass, the better,” Evans went on to say. “The mixes I heard throughout the night were very heavily dubstep and maybe you heard some drum and bass now and again. I find it funny that dubstep is still so big here and in Germany when you look at some of the deep house and trance stuff that we never get here. I love it all, do not get me wrong, I just want all the variety I can get in one big event like this.”

From costume equipment, to pins and paintings, the miniature vendor marketplace was active throughout the night as well. One local artist was sharing black light paintings with the public, while another painter was doing a live performance in The Dungeon. More events are surely on the horizon for Bass Terminal, as the success of this Halloween event has surely left local ravers craving for more.

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Buffalo, NY

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