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LitHop Returning to Tower District for 2021 Event

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One of the most well-read events in the Central Valley is back with what seems like even more writers than ever. LitHop will officially be returning to the Tower District in Fresno, California on the expected date of Saturday, October 16 from noon to about five in the evening with an incredible number of events and readings on the schedule.

Kicking things off at Fresbrew at noon will be the event, “The Body as a Hub of Ghosts,” featuring Kathryn de Lancellotti, Gustavo Hernandez, Terri Dawn Kent (formerly Enborg), and Luke Johnson. The readings will be inspired by Peter Levine’s depiction of the human body as a metaphorical and literal hub of ghosts.

Simultaneously at noon at Hart’s Haven Used Bookstore will be the event, “P.A.S.S. the Mic!” featuring Christopher Harn, Emma Bryanne Vetter, Kaly Sous, and Stella Velez, showing off their English tutoring prowess in the form of their own writing. Taking place at noon as well at Splash Fresno at noon will be the event, “Here and Queer,” featuring Jamie Moore, I Adeficha, Arielle K. Jones, and Steven Sanchez sharing their work on the intersections of gender, race, and sexuality.

Also at noon at Hi-Top Coffee will be the event, “Mujeres místicas,” featuring Lizbeth Marquez, Itzel Xochicuicatl, Ninfa Plaza, and Rocio Ayala-Tablas taking a poetic look at life’s great mysteries, levels of consciousness, and what it means to be an educated poet. At noon as well at Teazers will be the Cooper Youth Voices event featuring writing from local students from Cooper Middle School.

Closing things out for the noon performances at The Revue (aka Backroom) will be the event, “The Longer View,” featuring C.G. Hanzlicek, Corrinne Clegg Hales, John Hales, and Megan Anderson Bohigian examining the past and the present in their current work.

Coming up at one in the afternoon will be a number of events, including “Big Sis Energy” at Fresbrew, featuring Nancy Hernandez, Esmeralda Gamez, Olivia Muñoz, and Brenda Venezia celebrating the eldest daughter in Latinx writing. Simultaneously, the event “Writing of Place” will take place at Hart’s Haven Used Bookstore, featuring Brian Dunlap, Jose Hernandez-Díaz, Liz Gonzalez, and Cynthia Guardado’s writings on place.

Taking place at one in the afternoon at Hi-Top Coffee is the event, “The Beautiful Gate: Turning Towards the Edge,” featuring Paul E. Pierce, Steve Ratzlaff, Mary-Allen Macneil, and Jill McCarthy and their writing on living up to the moment of death. At the same time at Teazers will be the event, “Las Comadres: A Sisterhood por vida y poesía,” featuring Letica Del Toro, Aida Salazar, Yaccaira Salvatierra, and Norma Liliana Valdez celebrating poetry, motherhood, and hermandad.

Closing out the one in the afternoon performances will be “Readings and Experiments from The Laureate Lab: Visual Wordist Studio” at The Revue, featuring Anthony Cody, Paul Sanchez, Rodolfo Feliz Avelar, and Rebeca Abidail Flores celebrating the New Fresno Poetics, and the event “Beyond Afterlives: Hmong Writers Marking Futurity” at The Voice Shop, featuring May Yang, Jer Xiong, Yia Lee, and Vlai Ly (he/him) celebrating Hmong writers.

Kicking off the two in the afternoon performances at Fresbrew will be the “Unconventional Families” event, featuring Ethan Chatagnier, Talia Lakshmi Kolluri, Jim Schmidt, and Carole Firstman sharing work on unusual families. At the same time at Hart’s Haven Used Bookstore will be the event “Laureate Lab: A Future Reading” featuring Chevas Vandel, Gao Yang-Vang, Ceci Hernandez, and Tony Vang (he/him) celebrating current Laureate lab workers and emerging poets alike.

Also at two in the afternoon at Hi-Top Coffee will be the event “Ode To Those We've Missed,” featuring Angela Chaidez Vincent, Kirk Stone, Megan Anderson Bohigian, and Victor Trejo talking love, loss, and the natural world. Simultaneously at Splash Fresno will be the event “People of the Global Majority Speaking” featuring Elise Peeples, Yu-Han Chao, Troung Tran, and Meg Withers’ writing on space.

Rounding out the two in the afternoon readings will be the event, “A Compendium of Changes,” at Teazers featuring Sylvia Savala, Mary Coomes, Sallie Perez Saiz, and James Espinoza examining the COVID-19 pandemic, while The Revue will simultaneously host “Never Finished: Stories of Loss, Acceptance, and the Journey Between,” featuring Erin Álvarez, Lena Mahmoud, Melanie Kachadoorian, and Samina Najmi exploring loss and the journey toward acceptance. The Voice Shop will also feature the event, “A reading of Los Angeles Poets: Iris De Anda, John Martinez, Peter J. Harris and Sonia Guiterrez.

Kicking things off for the three in the afternoon events is “Travelers to the Grave” at Fresbrew featuring Ashlee Gerard-Thurman, Jennifer Rose Soria, Patrick Fontes, and Yelisa Ambriz-Rosas’ readings from Fresno’s new journal, “Travelers to the Grave.”

Also going on at three in the afternoon at Hart’s Haven Used Bookstore is the event, “Discovery Dive: Swimming Through Life with Eyes Wide Open,” featuring Brianne Vogt Debbas, Max Debbas, Diana Gonzalez, and Katreena Baker. Simultaneously, at Splash Fresno will be the event “Botanica: Poetry, Plants, & Wilderness” featuring Marisol Baca, Aideed Medina, Sonia Gutiérrez, and Yaccaira Salvatierra reading poems on all wild things.

Rounding out the three in the afternoon events are “We Are People You Know” at Teazers, featuring Dr. Cassandra Little, Aaron Little, Terry Myers, and Victoria Rocha offering different perspectives on how race, gender and racism intersect with their identity in America, as well as “The New Guard: Letters from Surviving and Challenging Academia” at The Revue, featuring Jamie Moore, Brenda Venezia, May Yang, and Arielle Jones tackling imposter syndrome, surviving oppressive structures in academia and advocating for better representation for students of color. The Voice Shop will also feature the event, “Connie and Some Other Guys,” featuring Steven Church, Connie Hales, David Borofka, and John Hales reading their work.

LitHop will begin to wind down at four in the afternoon, featuring the final events of the dat. Fresbrew will host the event, “Writing the Domestic,” featuring Stella Beratlis, Cristina Sandoval, Linda Scheller, and Gillian Wegener’s work examining women's work, cultural expectations, and what it means to be an unapologetically bad daughter.

At four, Hart’s Haven Used Bookstore will host the event “Well-Worn Poets,” featuring Paul Aloojian, Stephen Barile, Mike Cole, and Michael McMahon doing readings, while Splash Fresno will host “POC Poets - Los Angeles,” featuring Briana Muñoz, Jessica M. Wilson, Iris De Anda, and Rosie Alonso discussing decolonization, healing, political resistance, and anti-patriarchal systems.

Also going on at four will be “The Gold Beneath Our Feet” at Teazers, featuring Will Freeney, Linnea Alexander, Danielle 'Dani' Potter, and Jack Chavoor’s readings on the Central Valley and the Sierra Nevada Mountain range, while The Revue will host “Weaving Narratives: Navigating a Cultural Divide,” featuring Anjali Kapoor-Davis, Courtney Lizbeth Potts (CPotts), Jennifer Dorian, and Pean Teng-Lai’s readings. The Voice Shop will also host, “Readings and Experiments from The Laureate Lab: Visual Wordist Studio,” featuring Juan Felipe Herrera, J.J. Hernandez, Mariah Bosch, and Javier Lopez, celebrating Juan Felipe Herrera and the Laureate Lab.

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