Tommy La Croix Releases Debut Album, “Requiem D’Amour”

J.M. Lesinski
The front cover of "Requiem D'Amour" by Tommy La Croix.Photo courtesy of Tommy La Croix.

For fans of electronic music, 2021 has been a year of some phenomenal releases by both new and debuting artists alike. Debuting to the scene with a stellar new album entitled, “Requiem D’Amour,” DJ Tommy La Croix is one such phenom. The six-track album is out now via Aquarius Records and features a rhythmic convergence of downtempo and deep house styles.

“Requiem D'amour is the unofficial prequel to Martin Solveig’s hit record “Edony (Clap Your Hands)”. Back in 2000, that song helped me discover and fall in love with house music,” La Croix stated of the album. “So I decided my first release should pay tribute to this timeless classic by telling the story of how Edony, the song’s main character, became the hedonist queen she is today. The album is the story of a broken heart that finds peace and freedom in house music and club culture.”

The title track, “Requiem D’amour,” begins with a gentle lapping of waves and the most ethereal synth and string work. About a minute in, the deep house pace really sets in, bringing with it a firmer percussion line and maintaining that tropical string work. The balance between the relaxing tones and more melancholic becomes blurred as the song goes on, adding a layer of depth that is absolutely enthralling. The use of reverberation with the softer percussion elements is brilliant as well, and alongside the string work implementing the same effect, makes the ending a moment of hushed clarity.

“L’espoir” keeps the calmer intro vibes and employs softer percussion elements overall. The use of reverb and echo alongside the chimes keeps a close connection to tropical house, but the pace and conglomeration of effects throughout “L’espoir” make it something truly more unique. There is a gentle calm that never leaves the rhythm throughout the eight-minute track.

“El Camino” has a bit of a South American tone in the early portion of the song, in the implementation of percussion and rhythm. The guitar really kicks this up a notch, harmonizing with the low bass and horn work effortlessly. One cannot get over the drum and horn work at the pinnacle of the development midway through, which again highlights the relaxed tone and house-heavy synth work.

“Danza De Trompeta” brings in the house vibes right away. The minimalist string work builds an incredible anticipation for the horn work, harkening to the “trompeta” in the title, and delivers beautifully. The trumpet work is playful, bold, and travels the range of high to low effortlessly. From start to finish, the song is an epic journey.

“La Banda” again brings not just the house elements, but the deep house straight away. The horn work soars as the low bass brings the mesmerizing synth to the forefront gradually. “La Banda” is simply one of those house songs that can go in and out of any mix with ease with how smooth and concise it is. The rhythm is downright contagious by the end of the majestic downtempo track.

“La Mantra” closes things out with an eclectic blend of deep house and electro. The house elements are by and large more present, but the moments where the synth pops there is an undeniable twinge of harder electronic. The soft percussion and rhythmic synth complement the subtle bass nicely. As “La Mantra” wraps up, the drum work really takes the lead, ending things most satisfactorily.
Tommy La Croix poses for a photo celebrating the release of "Requiem D'Amour."Photo courtesy of Tommy La Croix.

Hailing from Canada, Tommy La Croix has spent years honing his skills as a professional DJ, developing a keen ear for sultry downtempo productions, all before transitioning to build his own catalog. Establishing himself in Montreal before becoming known more internationally, La Croix has played a number of amazing venues, including Soubois, Flyjin, King Crab, and Burning Man to name a few. Most recently, La Croix has found himself performing for celebrities including Kevin Hart, Scott Storch, and more.

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