DUNNOWHO Talks Influences, Musical Inspiration in Exclusive Interview

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Andres Cabral, also known as DUNNOWHO.Photo courtesy of DUNNOWHO

When it comes to one’s influences in music, the sky is the limit to the endless genres, styles, etc. that are available to the human ear. Just having released his newest single, “OZONO,” Andres Cabral, also known as DUNNOWHO, has been celebrating the success of the new electronic track. In an exclusive interview, I sat down with Cabral, and discussed the wide variety of influences and what inspires his music.

Lesinski – “Where does the name DUNNOWHO come from?”

Cabral – “It actually came out of the fact that many years ago I met a producer who used too many slangs for everything, especially "dunno". That became a kind of joke with my cousin, who at that time we were just starting to produce. So I came up with the name DUNNOWHO to make a wordplay of that moment of not knowing whose music you're listening to. From this also comes the name of my new label DUNNOWHERE, which alludes to the same thing, where does this music come from? we don't know and it doesn't matter, the important thing is that here it is.”

Lesinski – “When did you first realize you wanted to make music/be a DJ?”

Cabral – “Since I was very young I always looked for a way to make music with whatever I could get my hands on. As I got older I started to become a fan of concerts and every time I went to one I knew I wanted to live for music. Around the age of 14 I went to an electronic music concert that inspired me a lot and shortly after, I discovered the first DAW I used, Ableton. You can say that I always had that love for making music and I always knew that I wanted to live for this.”

Lesinski – “Who are some of your biggest influences in music?”

Cabral – “I love this question, I have many influences and admire many artists that come from different sides. I think first of all they are from the Death Metal side like Black Dahlia Murder, Job For a Cowboy and Chelsea Grin, among others. On the Trap and Hip Hop side certainly $uicideBoy$, Scrim, Ronny J, Metro Boomin, Ghostemane, Scarlxrd, Night Lovell and many more. Finally, on the Bass Music side I would say Skrillex, Rickyxsan, Quix, UZ, Yehme2, Hydraulix and many more as well.”

Lesinski – “What do you find most inspires you when making music?”

Cabral – “I've always loved reading horror stuff and that whole universe of madness, I think it's one of the things that inspires me the most. It also inspires me a lot to think about everything that is coming for the project and also to be happy and in the company of the people I love the most.”

Lesinski – “Though COVID is still making things uncertain, do you have any big tours/events coming up you are excited about?”

Cabral – “Unfortunately all plans for presentations and shows had to be postponed to next year. The good news is that there are a lot of great surprises coming, so looking forward to seeing all my people at the ravefield again.”

Lesinski – “Do you have any favorite past music festival memories you’d like to share?”

Cabral – “I've always had an amazing time at all the festivals I've been to, but I think my favorite would be between two: EDC Mexico 2014, which was my first big festival, or a small festival organized by Carnage in New York with ILOVEMAKONNEN, Heroes X Villains, DVBBS and Doctor P, around 2014-2015.”

Lesinski – “Do you have any interesting/fun collaboration memories you’d like to share?”

Cabral – “The collaboration with Zoop One for Trap Door has been one of my favorite experiences because we were working on that song to premiere at EDC 2020 and we were so excited. A while later I went to Guadalajara to shoot the video and it has also been one of my favorite experiences to hang out with all the artists there.”

Lesinski - “I really enjoyed listening to “OZONO,” what was it like working with Danntik and Multi?

Cabral – “Without a doubt also one of my favorite experiences too, it was crazy. What I liked most about this collaboration was working with Multi at such a big distance. He was in New Zealand and I was in Mexico, even with that the result was to create one of my favorite songs and to have made a very good friendship with my bro Multi. Now he is in Mexico and we are working on a lot more fire together.”

Lesinski – “What is next for you?/Where do you see yourself this time next year?”

Cabral – “There are things coming up that I am very excited about. Next month comes the first release of my trap EP and I'm very excited. Besides being the first release of my EP it's the first release on my own label DUNNOWHERE so it's an even more important release. I see my self this time next year playing in many places around the world, producing a lot and working on my project. I also see myself pushing a lot of talent through my new label DUNNOWHERE. So stay tuned because the best is yet to come!”

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