Vanic Talks New Year, New Music in Exclusive Interview

J.M. Lesinski
Vanic poses for his new single, "Earn It."Photo by Vanic.

New music for a new year has been the focus lately for electronic dance music DJ and producer Vanic. Following his newest track, a collaboration with Fairlane entitled, “Earn It” featuring Zack Gray, Vanic is hard at work on an upcoming album.

Recently, I sat down for an interview with Vanic to catch up on what the electronic dance music artist has been up to.

J.M. – First off, I loved "Earn It," what was working with Fairlane like?

Vanic – “Thanks! It was great. We've been real-life friends for years so it was totally natural. He came up with the original vision, the chords, guitar, structure, and then he gave it to me and said let's make this into a sort of dark house track. Then I just kinda took over production and made it my own.”
Vanic and Fairlane pose for a photo celebrating their new collaboration, "Earn It" featuring Zack Gray.Photo by Vanic.

J.M. - What first drew you towards electronic music?

Vanic – “Music has been a huge part of my entire life. I started playing piano at age 4. Later I got really into metal. I liked crazy screamo rock music and felt like it was my escape from life. I'm not sure when the switch happened, but at some point in my teens, I was introduced to hardstyle and heavier electronic music and fell in love with it. Then when I realized that I could make electronic music on my own and the love for it grew even more.”

J.M. - How have you seen EDM/electronic music in general change over the years?

Vanic – “Just like anything in popular culture everything comes in cycles. Hard house / hardstyle / hardcore used to be super popular, then disappeared a bit, now is resurfacing with a new twist. Now there's a lot that sounds like the old stuff only it's in half time, like hard trap or wave music. The same is true for the more melodic stuff - there was a big melodic trap phase, then melodic dubstep, now it's switching to a bit more of a pop-punk vibe with lots of guitars as the focus. Things will always come in cycles as people get bored of what they're creating or listening to and people find inspiration from older styles and bring them into the present with a new twist.”

J.M. - Assuming festivals return in a timely manner, do you have any lined up you are excited for?

Vanic – “I'm not sure what will happen in the future. Who knows when things will be back to normal?! As it stands now, I'd love to go back to Coachella. I think after releasing this album that I'm currently in the early stages of putting out I think that could be realistic, so I'm crossing my fingers!”

J.M. - Going forward in 2021, what do you think will most change about the music festival landscape?

Vanic – “I have no idea. I hope not a lot! I already like festivals just as they were.”

J.M. - With so much happening virtually, do you notice any change in how fans reach out? Is there more or less communication?

Vanic – “I think there's the same amount of interacting with fans online. The social media and internet world feels mostly the same to me personally. The biggest difference is with the lack of real-life shows the in-person engagement is gone, and I miss it. I miss actually seeing real people with my own eyes and actually talking to them and sharing a real experience. You can share experiences on the internet of course, but it's not the same. I do like the "community" app though, where people can text me and we just talk directly about random stuff. It feels personal and real.”

J.M. - Being based in Vancouver, do you notice any similarities/differences in international fans/crowds? US, Canada, Europe, etc.?

Vanic – “My experience touring NA, Europe, Australia and New Zealand is that crowds are mostly the same. People all over the world just want to have a good time! I think certain cities are different than others though. Some cities seem to be more outgoing or relaxed, more open to anything. And some cities seem to be a little more... I'm not sure the exact word for it. They feel more like "we've seen it all, this isn't so impressive!" I sort of get that vibe from some of the bigger North American cities.”

J.M. - What's up next for you?

Vanic – “Finishing the album release! It's been two singles so far and we have a couple more to go and then the whole album will drop. I couldn't be more excited. I'm really happy with it. It's all different genres and styles but it is all stuff that I really love, so hopefully that reflects in the music. Then who knows after that!”

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