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Dip into Some Dim Sum at New City

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It is often said that the best food is shared. For the casual lunch with friends or intermittent fasting diet alike meal options like that of dim sum, designed to be a variety of shared smaller dishes, make sharing new dishes and pacing meals throughout the day more achievable goals.

Some of the most classic dim sum dishes are dumplings and noodle rolls, which New City in Fresno, California does incredibly well. These include pot stickers, Har Kow (shrimp dumplings), Shiu Mai, Chai Zhou dumplings, steamed stuffed tofu rolls, egg rolls, deep fried taro dumplings, deep fried pork dumplings, Shanghai-style dumplings, breadsticks, shrimp noodle rolls, beef noodle rolls, BBQ pork noodle rolls, and tofu skin shrimp rolls.

On the lighter and fluffier side of dim sum, New City offers pan fried turnip cakes, pan fried taro cakes, water chestnut cakes, sweet lotus paste buns, Malay sponge cake, steamed egg custard buns, deep fried sesame balls, green tea black sesame balls, steamed BBQ pork buns, baked BBQ pork buns, Phoenix buns (salty egg yolk-based), pumpkin cake, black sesame mochi dumplings, pan fried shrimp cakes, deep fried shrimp balls, and stir fried turnip cakes.

Of course there are a number of protein-heavy dim sum dishes available as well, including steamed black bean spareribs, steamed chicken feet, steamed beef tripe, beef short ribs in black pepper sauce, foil wrapped chicken, steamed beef meatballs, deep fried crab claws, steamed meatballs, salt and pepper tofu, jelly fish, salt and pepper squid, scalded beef tripe, salt and pepper chicken wings, Thai-style chicken feet, salt and pepper jumbo shrimp, salt and pepper duck tongues, roast duck, steamed chicken, roasted pork belly, and salt and pepper mini fish.

Several dim sum dishes come with a side, making them dim sum and then some meals, including sticky rice with lotus leaf, Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce, stir fried sticky rice, seaweed salad, stir fried rice noodles with XO sauce, beef stew with turnip, pork blood with chives, steamed spareribs with rice noodles, steamed beef tripe with rice, steamed chicken feet with rice noodles, steamed beef stew with rice noodles, and pan fried green chives with shrimp.

Lunch special plates are filling and offer several items served together to create a one of a kind meal experience with each special flavor arrangement. Only served between the hours of eleven in the morning through three in the afternoon, the specialty plates are sure to please even the most indecisive eater out there.

The Number One lunch special plate comes with chicken wings, egg roll, pork fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, and pork chow mein with bean sprouts. The Number Two comes with fried shrimp, sweet and sour chicken, egg roll, pork fried rice, and pork chop suey chow mein. The Number Three offers paper wrapped chicken, egg roll, pork fried rice, pork chop suey chow mein, and sweet and sour chicken. The Number Four comes with vegetable tempura, egg roll, steamed rice, and vegetable chow mein.

Lunch combination plates are also served from eleven in the morning until three in the afternoon with a choice of side between steamed rice, fried rice, and vegetable chow mein. For the value and taste, the lunch combination plate is by far one of the best selections on New City’s menu. Options include almond chicken, garlic chicken, broccoli chicken, lemon chicken, mushroom chicken, spicy chicken, tofu chicken, Kung Pao chicken, curry chicken, orange chicken, Mongolian beef, broccoli beef, spicy beef, Kung Pao tofu, mixed vegetables, shrimp with mixed vegetables, Kung Pao shrimp, and the Three Ingredients, which comes with chicken, shrimp, fish fillet, and vegetables.

In addition to the incredible variety of dim sum dishes available at New City, several classic appetizers and starter plates are available. Appetizers at New City include the Chinese chicken salad, shrimp salad, salt and pepper squid, salt and pepper or brandy chicken wings, BBQ pork, deep fried shrimp, pot stickers, egg rolls, fried wontons, foil-wrapped chicken, fried vegetable tempura, chicken or seafood lettuce wraps, and fried eggplant with plum sauce.

Two hot assorted plate options allow for diners to sample a number of the appetizers at once. The Small comes with two egg rolls, three fried shrimp, three foil chicken, three chicken wings, and three beef sticks. The Large comes with three egg rolls, five fried shrimp, five chicken wings, five beef sticks, and five foil chicken.

The variety of soups available at New City is incredibly diverse as well, with dishes that are hard to come by anywhere else. Soups include the Woh Wonton, sizzling rice, hot and sour, egg flower, seafood hot and sour, minced chicken with sweet corn, seafood and seaweed tofu, special boiled noodle, shrimp boiled noodle, chicken boiled noodle, BBQ pork boiled noodle, and beef stew.

With energizing beverages always popular New City has several drink offerings unique to the restaurant. Boba Slushes are available in strawberry, milk tea, coconut, honeydew, taro, mango, iced coffee, and green tea flavors. Thai iced tea, as well as Thai iced tea with boba is available at New City alongside the traditional hot milk tea. New City also offers their own takes on the classic Shirley Temple and Royal Roger drinks.

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