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Odyssey Serves Up the Breakfast of the Gods

J.M. Lesinski
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When it comes to home-style breakfast and Greek fusion, The Odyssey Family Restaurant in Blasdell, New York does both with ease and tact.

I first encountered the Odyssey while getting several things fixed on my car across the street at Gregoire’s Auto Repair some years back. The wait time was roughly forty-five minutes to an hour, the perfect amount of time for a sit-down meal. With no car and the pointed blue lettering of the restaurant’s sign alluring, I walked the less than hundred feet or so over to The Odyssey Family Restaurant.

Being early in the day, breakfast was the prime option, and as luck would have it – one of the Odyssey’s specialties. Known for a variety of Greek dishes and a can’t-be-beat breakfast, the Odyssey is a favorite for both at the lunch rush.

There are five specialty breakfast plates that stand alone on the menu. The Souvlaki Breakfast comes with two eggs any style, home fries, and a large portion of marinated pork or chicken on pita or choice of toast, and features a lamb option for about five dollars more. Fans of a zesty breakfast will adore the zing of the souvlaki and the satisfying crunch of the pita.

The Zucchini Breakfast comes with two eggs any style, two zucchini patties, and choice of breakfast meat with tzatziki sauce and choice of toast for a green-centric breakfast. The Benedict Odyssey offers a unique spin on the original Eggs Benedict, featuring a half waffle topped with hash, two poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce, and home fries.

The Country Fried Steak at Odyssey does the classic breakfast plate right. The savory batter-dipped fried steak comes with two eggs any style, choice of toast, home fries, and a robust serving of sweet country gravy. Similarly, the Biscuits and Sausage, (though only available Saturdays and Sundays) features the same country gravy and comes with two eggs any style and home fries.

The essential core breakfast combinations and specials that one comes to expect from a roadside diner are present too. Two eggs, home fries, and toast tops the specials list, with specialties like corned beef and hash, several steak options, and a killer Eggs Benedict varying things up. Pancake, waffle, and French toast combos also offer the classic sweet breakfast plate as part of the many specials available at the Odyssey.

I have never had a bad omelet (spelled omelette on the menu) at the Odyssey. The most renowned omelet on the menu is the Greek, which comes simply with feta cheese and home fries and toast on the side, the standard sides for any omelet. The Western with ham, peppers, onions, and American cheese and the Spanish with salsa are must-tries as well. The Create an Omelet allows choice of up to five items for the indecisive or picky eater.

Three specialty appetizers highlight the starter portion of the Odyssey’s menu. The first being one of the restaurant’s signature dishes, Spanakopita. The earthy blend of spinach, onions, feta cheese, and special herbs is baked between soft layers of Filo dough before being served still warm. The texture and flavor of the spanakopita will leave any diner wanting another serving.

Dolmades, grape leaves stuffed with rice, onions, and special spices, are another of the unique appetizer offerings at Odyssey. The portions of the dolmades are perfect for a starter, or to share with a close one. Featured in a breakfast special, the zucchini patties, round out the three specialty appetizers. Fried into patties, the combination of zucchini, onions, feta cheese, eggs, and spices comes served with tzatziki sauce for a crunchy, zesty vegetable treat.

Greek sandwiches come open-faced, offering up an amazing peek into the cuisine both literally and figuratively. Souvlaki is of course the most customizable with pork, chicken, and lamb options. The Gyro comes with onion, tomato, feta, and tzatziki sauce for a classic Greek dish, while the Greek Burger comes the same with the addition of lettuce for a more fusion-style meal.

The more traditional diner sandwiches like the BLT and tuna melt are done right at Odyssey too. The Reuben is a crowd favorite, served on rye with chips for a side, highlighting the classic Buffalo corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss, and thousand island dressing dish. A more recent addition to the menu that has become popular is the Chipotle Salmon and Bacon, featuring grilled salmon, bacon, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle aioli on ciabatta.

Clubs and subs at Odyssey make for some of the best brunch or lunch options available in the area. Clubs are simple, served with fries, and include turkey and bacon, ham, bacon, or tuna options. Subs all come standard with lettuce, tomato, and cheese and dressing of choice, as well as mini or super sizes. The roast beef and Philly Cheese Steak subs are by and large the most savory, while the Italian sausage with peppers and onions brings in a spicier option.

The Odyssey does not hold back when it comes to hearty dinner options as well. A number of Greek dinners are available, each coming with a Greek salad and choice of potato to start. Souvlaki again reigns supreme over the other options with pork, chicken, lamb, or a combination of both chicken and pork available. The Gyro also returns on the dinner menu, featuring seasoned strips of either beef or lamb.

The Greek Platter is a sure fire way to experience the most variety on the menu at Odyssey. Coming with a Greek salad, seasoned rice, dolmades, Greek potatoes, and pita bread, the platter is not only full of flavor but one of the healthier options on the menu overall.

More diner-centric dinner options include five varieties of steak, gravy-coated meatloaf and roast beef options, and succulently juicy Raspberry Pork Chops that have been marinated in a specialty raspberry marinade. The fried chicken and the double chicken breast dinner make for excellent poultry options too.

Closing out the dinner options is the ‘Thalassa’ or from the sea dishes. Shrimp comes in three varied forms: butterfly, popcorn, and skewered, all delicious. The Fish Fry is a Lenten standard in Buffalo and Odyssey’s crispy concoction is one of Blasdell’s best options. The grilled salmon is a staple too, but like the Chipotle Salmon and Bacon sandwich, the Honey Smoked Chipotle Salmon has been gaining traction too. Glazed with honey chipotle and served with walnuts, rice, and veggies, the spicy fish dish is sure to please the spice-seeker and fish-fanatic alike.

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