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Davidson’s Celebrates 70 Years and Counting

J.M. Lesinski

Celebrating over seventy years of serving the Lakewood, New York, community, Davidson’s Family Restaurant has kept to what they know best and has done so fantastically. Famous for their incredible fried meals and unbeatable menu prices, the Chautauqua staple has continuously delivered smiles to diners faces.

For anyone looking for the perfect fish fry in Lakewood, look no further than Davidson’s famous fish fry. The North Atlantic white fish is deep-fried in Davidson’s special homemade batter and crisped up to perfection before being served with two sides and a dinner roll. The portions are hearty, especially the fish, which is also available in a small portion with the same two sides and roll.

The lite battered fish, also available in a small portion option, is gently deep-fried and boasts Iceland’s best fish within for another stellar fish option. For the indecisive, the fried seafood comes with a small portion of fish fry, deluxe shrimp, scallops, and onion rings. Even food purists who do not eat fish more than a few miles from an ocean cannot deny the incredible crunch and taste of any of Davidson’s famous fried fish.

The broiled seafood options at Davidson’s are both plentiful and bountiful as well. The broiled fish, broiled shrimp, and broiled fish and shrimp can all be made with choice of butter sauce, garlic butter, lemon and water, lemon pepper, or Cajun seasoning for some amazing flavor combinations. A small portion option is available for the broiled fish. The Broil-O-Cheese is also a unique offering featuring broiled fish with cheese.

Some other cannot miss seafood dishes at Davidson’s include the fried scallops, deluxe shrimp, popcorn shrimp, and broil crab stuff. The famous fish and scallops combo, as well as the famous fish and shrimp combo are excellent ways to get the best of both worlds.

Equally famous for crispiness and taste is Davidson’s fried chicken. The satisfying crunch and sweet batter combination makes for some of the best chicken fingers in Chautauqua county. The chicken finger dinner and two, three, and four piece chicken dinners all come with two sides standard to complete the meal. Their grilled chicken dinners are must-try dishes as well.

Additionally, buckets of solely chicken are available for a hearty meal to share. The eight piece bucket options include all dark meat, all white meat, chicken fingers, or the standard eight piece with two chicken breasts, two legs, two thighs, and two wings. Twelve piece and sixteen piece buckets alike are available in mixed, all dark meat, and chicken finger options.

Bucket of chicken combos can be mixed between fried chicken pieces of preference or chicken fingers and include the eight piece, twelve piece, and sixteen piece with choice of two large sides and rolls.

Want the best of fish and chicken? The fried chicken and fish combo comes with a smaller portion of famous fried fish and two pieces of fried chicken. Similarly, the chicken breast and famous fish fry combo comes with the same smaller portion of fish fry and two pieces of chicken breast, while the chicken finger and famous fish fry combo comes with the small portion of fish and chicken fingers.

The sandwich selection at Davidson’s offers some great lunch options, as well as bigger creations for dinner dining. The Cuban sandwich is a highlight, featuring sliced pork, salami, provolone, pickles, and mustard on grilled French bread, with a large Cuban sandwich also available with bigger portions.

The Cowboy Chicken sandwich features bacon, American cheese, onion straws, and BBQ for a take on the classic cowboy burger. One cannot go wrong with a fish sandwich or the unique Fish Reuben at Davidson’s either, looping back to the amazing seafood options. Other great sandwiches include the BLT, Reuben, turkey BLT, hot roast beef, grilled cheese, hot ham and cheese, Buffalo chicken, mushroom swiss chicken, Philly, turkey Reuben, tuna melt, and chicken salad.

Burgers cannot be beat at Davidson’s either, with tantalizing fresh beef grilled to one’s liking and served up at a moment’s notice. The flagship half pound patty, The Big D, is the plain and simple burger option. The Big D half pound patty comes standard on most burgers, including the Big D Cheese, Bacon Cheese Big D, Mushroom Swiss Big D, Cowboy Big D, and Pepper Jack Bacon Big D.

Fans of steak in the area were heartbroken when neighboring Alfie’s closed its doors for good. However, a good steak dinner is not hard to find at Davidson’s with the Delmonico cooked to order and coming with two of their amazing sides. The other cannot miss steak dish, the T Steak, has been with Davidson’s since their opening years ago. Served with choice of two sides and cooked to one’s liking, the six ounce cut of meat is downright mouth-watering. The steak salad is another great option too.

Soup rotates on a daily basis at Davidson’s with only broccoli cheese available six days a week, enticing diners to pay attention to their favorite days. Mondays and Thursdays chicken noodle is available, Tuesdays and Saturdays vegetable beef is available, and Wednesdays and Friday clam chowder is available to diners.

Daily specials are also available depending on the day. The Tuesday specials include the club sandwich, liver and onions, chicken and biscuits, and chipped beef. The Wednesday specials include spaghetti and meatballs, the hot turkey sandwich, and chipped beef. The Thursday special is chipped beef, while the Friday specials include the fish sandwich and chipped beef. The Saturday special includes chipped beef and chicken and biscuits.

A number of excellent chicken-inspired salads highlight the salad menu at Davidson’s. The grilled chicken salad comes regular or Buffalo-style with hot sauce, and includes cheddar cheese, tomato, red onion, green pepper, bacon bits, and croutons with choice of dressing. The same regular and Buffalo-style selection is available with the chicken finger salad options.

For dessert, Davidson’s offers four packs of Ecklof Bakery’s famous striped pink cookies, slices of pie, Jell-O (with or without whipped cream), and rice pudding served plain, with cinnamon, or with whipped cream and cinnamon.

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