New Gabe’s Store Announcement Excites and Intrigues Locals

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National clothing and home goods retailer, Gabe’s, is coming to Hamburg, as well as Cheektowaga, New York. The store, which already has a large following in the South and Midwest, is excited to be opening their first two New York state locations in Erie county.

“I am really excited that Gabe’s is coming, not only will it generate more jobs, but it really is just a great place to shop,” said Cheektowaga Resident and Gabe’s Enthusiast Ashley Johnson of the announcement. “We used to take road trips down to Erie, Pennsylvania just to go to the Gabe’s down there for certain items. I would say a good portion of the clothes hanging in my closet currently came from Gabe’s.”

The announcement has already been making a splash in the local community. Visitors to Gabe’s stores already familiar with the store set up and what can be found within are ecstatic that the widely recognized retailer is finally digging in to two Western New York locations.

“You can find those name brand price items like Adidas and Nike, to name a few I have seen, without having to spend the name brand price,” Johnson went on to say. “When you look around the store, you can always find higher quality stuff, so it tends to keep the value even though you do not pay the high value price.”

In addition to the thrill of the hunt for name brand items, Gabe’s is also known for having a wider variety of every day necessary items like work clothes and winter items. “My mother loves going to Gabe’s for their selection of work uniforms, scrubs, etc.” Johnson also noted. “They have a wide variety of styles and sizes for the scrubs, which is great for her because there are not a lot of options for her for scrubs where she lives currently.”

The location chosen for the Hamburg Gabe’s used to be the local area Kmart before that store went out of business. Many in the village are eager to see the vacant building filled once again. “There are not many clothing stores in Hamburg,” said Hamburg resident Laura Lee of the Gabe’s announcement. “It is really good that a store is going in that empty Kmart building finally.”

Many people have noted striking similarities between Kmart and Gabe’s, though one other striking feature of Gabe’s is the availability of irregular items as well. “You get a wide range of styles and sizes for shoes for example,” Johnson also commented of Gabe’s. “Whereas a lot of shoe stores only go up to 13 and my fiancée needs at least a size 14.”

“Their shoes are the one thing I get the most compliments on,” Johnson went on to say. “I have also found some really good make-up finds at Gabe’s, like eyeshadow. They started adding more food items to the Erie store the last time we went down there too. Then they are also starting to carry CBD, I do not think even Walmart carries CBD at this time.”

The Cheektowaga location, slated for Urbandale Plaza, will occupy the building formerly occupied by The Hobby Lobby.

The first official Gabe’s store was founded in 1961 in Morgantown, West Virginia, with roots dating back over 100 years according to the company’s website. Today, Gabe’s has over 110 stores spanning several different states, including Delaware, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia.

With not just a focus on value and discounts, but of variety and options, Gabe’s shoppers have come to know the store for being so much more than just a discount clothes store. “Their selection of clothing brands always seems to be changing,” Johnson also noted of Gabe’s. “So there is always something fresh to look at when you are there.”

Something else unique of note to Gabe’s is the incredible array of men’s clothing options available in the store. With more to choose from than the average mall shoppe and price tags that do not make men immediately put something back before even trying it on, Gabe’s has something for even the least excited of shoppers.

“Gabe’s is actually one of the only places my fiancé buys clothes in general,” Johnson commented of Gabe’s. “They have an expansive men’s section compared to most retail stores. They also have a great selection of men’s accessories and heavy winter jackets, like Carhartt, at prices that are actually reasonable for a winter jacket and will not break the bank.”

Many regular shoppers in Hamburg will definitely be pleased to add a new locale to their day out shopping lists, especially one with clothing options like Gabe’s. “I think Hamburg will definitely benefit from a store like Gabe’s with wide variety and affordable pricing,” Johnson said in closing. “People need more than just a Walmart to shop for clothes at.”

For those who have yet to shop at a Gabe’s, the anticipation continues to build, as both stores are slated for an opening this summer. “I am very curious to see why my son likes Gabe’s so much,” Lee also commented. “I have no idea what it is like, but I will check it out.”

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