The Best Local Pizza Options for SUNY Fredonia Students

J.M. Lesinski

One of the staples of any college student diet, be it accidental, purposeful, or be it induced from the stress of studying all night, is the traditional Italian pizza pie. In the harsh and unforgiving cold of the tundra in Fredonia, New York, there is no better option for a means of both warmth and sustenance for students than that of pizza.

Going for strictly local Dunkirk and Fredonia pizza joints, the options are many, and outnumber the national pizza chains present in town times three. However, for those picky eaters or those with an unadventurous taste pallet, there are still a Domino’s and a Little Caesar’s to choose from.

Starting with the old staples, Pizza Village simply cannot be beat in the flavor department, as well as the variety department. The hearty, traditional big crust pizza and wing combinations are an easy go-to, as well as the many appetizers to choose from. Having Pizza Village as a go-to for several years in college at SUNY Fredonia, I can vouch that the staff was always courteous and the orders were virtually always correct.

The Boardwalk pizzeria up the street, Campi’s Pizza, offers a more “New York” size slice. The taste is great, and the availability of the many other shops along the Boardwalk makes for a splendid day out. There is often a lot of traffic around the Boardwalk, both foot and auto, but on a nice day the view by the lake alone is worth the trip.

PDUBS Wings N’ Things is definitely the Guy Fieri style pizza joint of the Dunkirk and Fredonia area. PDUBS caters specifically towards college students, as well as local high schoolers, with signature subs for each respective school and a variety of appetizers and extra options. PDUBS is also open late, providing a great option for late night snacking.

Mary’s Deli has long been a favorite pizza joint for many locals, offering arguably the largest pies in the area and therefore biggest bang for your buck. With two local locations, Mary’s also has the largest area of consumers, as well as a quiet atmosphere compared to most other area pizza joints. Side note, the subs from Mary’s Deli may also very well be the best subs in the Dunkirk and Fredonia area.

Blasdell Pizza, located in the Central Avenue plaza, is often the first pizza place many SUNY Fredonia students see coming into campus off the I90. SUNY Fredonia students from the Buffalo area will recognize Blasdell Pizza right away, as the chain originated in Blasdell, New York originally. Located close to several student housing areas (and of course the go-to campus liquor store: Omalia’s), Blasdell Pizza sees a good deal of traffic, and offers solid, basic good pizza deals.

Lena’s Pizza, Subs, and Wings has been a classic pizzeria of choice for many SUNY Fredonia professors who have brought pizza to their classes. With a sauce that is just a touch sweeter than most area pizzerias, Lena’s is downright mouth-watering when paired with their deliciously plump chicken wings. I have been told by fans of “cold pizza” that the sauce tastes even better cold, though I personally have not tried that form of pizza.

Maria’s Pizza is a fairly newer pizzeria in downtown Fredonia, offering all the classic staples, and serving as a great hang out spot by all the classic downtown bars. The atmosphere and décor inside Maria’s is very modern, while the clientele is a majority of students.

Last, but certainly not least, is DeJohn’s Italian Spaghetti House. Boasting arguably the widest array of authentic Italian food in the area, DeJohn’s pizza comes the closest to traditional pizza in the Dunkirk and Fredonia area. The atmosphere in the restaurant itself is warm and I personally have never had an order messed up. The crowd tends to be a little older, but make no mistake, students are more than welcome.

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